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  1. Please let us be able to block players without them being online. I want to block someone but whenever I try it says "Player x could not be found." I mean it would be really handy if we could block without actually waiting them to be online. I know it isn't a huge priority but it would be a quality of life improvement.
  2. Grumpy

    Quick Wishlist

    Please please please, - Let us block people without them being online. When I try it says "The player x couldn't be found". I have someone harassing me, I want to block them and all of their alts but I cant. I have to wait until they are online to do that. Which means they can continue harassing me since I can't block them and I'll get a few messages from them before I have the chance to.
  3. https://i.gyazo.com/a5f12d30ea6613d0821e4efcfd61e92b.png I have an Unknown OT Starmie I bought off the gtl 2 years ago. Possibly the banned OT's turn into an Unknown OT too? Or was the system different years ago?
  4. Grumpy


    It's probably the Alola patch day.
  5. Grumpy


    Kalos confirmed.
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