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  1. Guys everything what you're wrotes down here is fact (true) and i know how much time it takes for adding new content or updating old stuff. So i agree with all of it .... ok not all ... "senzui" ones was nothing else as trolling so go fuck yourself man. For the rest of the community here: I really really hope they will add the Johto region because not of the "story line" (best story for me was in gen 6 so it doesn't matter) more for the area with all the awesome soundtracks (every time when i'm listening to them i got flashbacks of my childhood days) and trainers (gym leader and elite four).
  2. 1 year (2021) for the Johto region? Are you kidding me? "There's an alarming amount of not yet implemented within the current ones" ... one thing is the battle zone in Hoenn or Sinnoh but who cares. Another thing is in the Unova region the area "black city" which isn't avaiable yet. Ok this in in my eyes a no go so yea you should add this but the rest are mini events or other uninteresting contents. I really hope that you guy will add the Johto region much sooner as next year (or later). It's one of the best region (just for me and maybe many more). Just do us this favour.
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