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  1. Whos tryna feebas farm, i just need it for pokedex, username is Marmeleda reply here or send request, HMU <3
  2. Unova Victory Road PKMN Trainer Cheren = $6365 with amulet coin idk if it was missed or you chose to not include cheren because it is after you beat the league.
  3. I wanna catch a Hydreigon and in the pokedex it says its a special encounter on route 15 but the type is Shadow I have 0 clue what this means https://gyazo.com/f3e6f7f47a6f1245e8d4f00bf488482e
  4. Unova in progress? or do i gotta go to bulbapedia and hope for the best
  5. Switch the pokemon between these 2 floors on current patch getting Makuhita on B1F and Sableye/Mawile on B2F
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