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  1. Maybe they should add this to the mail system they will imp?
  2. Yeah selling for real money is a no and welcome!!
  3. A bounty hunting event!!!! Remember the event where you find a cm? Kinda exactly like that but instead of a point system the first person to find the cms gets $$$$$$ An awesome event to involve the new money system :D
  4. timmyboi


    meant bout, stupid Swype
  5. timmyboi


    So its just bought making it a pokepad? Then sure +1
  6. timmyboi


    I use my computers notepad cause I'm not lazy.
  7. timmyboi


    Go play gta 5 cause the only achievement you could possibly get from this game is the "i was here when it died" achievement.
  8. heres a tip play the game slowly itll get boring fast
  9. Update..............now!..............now! crap.........now!!

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