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  1. Currently online Edit : Maybe after you accept discord friend request, then I'll message you
  2. And my current ign is LothusVall
  3. I'll add you in discord
  4. @Akshit , Online right now
  5. Hello, new member here. I want to ask a question, how I join in-game team afro? is it through an invitation in-game?
  6. Already posted at Bug reports section
  7. Yeah don't know which time zone
  8. I see, thanks for answering.
  9. Yeah I use mouse for now, but it kinda annoying as I use controller though.
  10. Is there a bug at Bag menu? whenever I press down button it always go to the lowest located items and if I press up button it will go back to the Tab (Is the name correct?) menu.
  11. Why this theme give me an error? is it not working on latest ver? if it's, can you fix it.
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