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  1. It happen to me once, then I restarted my pc, plug my controller back and it's work, don't know what's the problem though.
  2. Currently online Edit : Maybe after you accept discord friend request, then I'll message you
  3. And my current ign is LothusVall
  4. I'll add you in discord
  5. @Akshit , Online right now
  6. Hello, new member here. I want to ask a question, how I join in-game team afro? is it through an invitation in-game?
  7. Ok then, I'll send to the first one.
  8. Anyway it seems when I use a vpn connection it's work, weird.
  9. I already allowed my firewall, but It still showed up like this. Any one know how to solve this?
  10. Thanks for the work~ I'll send you the Pokeyen when I get to the game. Your ign is Staggiie?
  11. Already posted at Bug reports section
  12. Yeah don't know which time zone
  13. Hello there! I also would like to request a theme. IGN: LothusVall Theme Subject: Only Color of Blue & Black Color: Blue & Black (Reference) Text (default or custom?): Default Note : Can you put this image at the start screen (Image) Donation? (100k minimum): 120K Thanks in Advance
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