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  1. Nombre del equipo:  AogiriRË. Etiqueta del equipo: RË Jugadores registrados: Guilleex, llChelo, Jmva, xSTerrOr, KatyPerryESP, EagleMana, CamiiNeko Capitán del equipo: RYUSOKEN
  2. Hi kyu, i need your help, 

    let me explain to you, I was calm in the pokemmo, and it turns out that the game takes me out and re-enters, I format the launcher and it was still that way, so I decided to change the password and the mail to see if it worked, and when I started my session gmail will not let me in, it turns out that someone changed their password, apparently they hacked me completely, I did not pass my password or account or gmail at any time, I'm a little scared, I have too many things and shinys and more than 2k of hours played so that happens to me, please I need you to respond urgently

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