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  1. I can suggest a trade between 2 trainers for his/her masterball can I not?
  2. I was wonder I buy aka purchase a dell optiplex 9020 from 2014, it's a desktop and it can run the pokemmo? download and run pokemmo?
  3. Where do I apply? There's a lot of stuff in game that is outrageous
  4. Is there a way to donate without logging in? If there's not I suggest you make such a feature
  5. Am wondering if being a French pokemon mmo gives immunity to Nintendo copy right laws?
  6. Why don't you lock and trash diss
  7. I'm not sure smh I am catching ralts and girl says hey entei encounter here at 9pm and left came back no entai or nothing
  8. I have yet to encounter an entai I am wondering if this is a bug or what am in trolling session from chat post?
  9. I've added something to the suggestions
  10. What would you sell for if you could? What would best fit the economy. I'm sure they will never be trade able but i just want my imagination to wonder on this one. Devs please leave open
  11. That's a good point each character gets 3 masters balls that's ~600k a huge incentive to finish the story and keep playing, buy donator
  12. I think we can trade and sell masterballs I don't see them selling for millions probably like 100k-200k this shouldn't be a huge game changer and what will it hurt if a player has 20 masterballs? Something new from my masterball Sales post the storyline balls untradeable and some how some way the devs come up with a great ideal to add masterballs in the wild or something for trade
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