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  1. Millionminds

    Current team I'm running

    Very bad at officials 2013 so never went back and tried. I'd run the same team every match
  2. Millionminds

    Current team I'm running

    It's like you were giving their egos a boost. Helpful 0/10
  3. Millionminds

    Hoenn battle frontier

    Can't seem to fly to the battle frontier to use my BP too close to the A key
  4. Millionminds

    Tyranitar the Typanitar

    Yourmajestyt aka Millionminds
  5. Millionminds

    Tyranitar the Typanitar

    I'm walking along vermilion all the work I be doin' yo! And I thought to myself I use PC like a fairy and I ain't no fairy every where else I'm slim' no sayin'? So I gets to the lazy and I let my tyranitar use the PC for a few secs she on the computer for me I'm walkin' round and after this happen! And it was like my Pokemon done took over my account saw everything differently. Usually I'm checkin' Pokemon in and out the PC for this to happen but I never thought to let the Pokemon I got use the PC! X10 more creative with other NPCs and fellow trainer's. (Letting the tyranitar pretend to use the Pokemon centers computer put some things into a new perspective) Any experience like this for any one else? Where do your Pokemon fit into your creativity?
  6. Millionminds

    Current team I'm running

    Like I want to get assistance but it is messing up my synergy and I just posted it, I want pro opinion but not make my flow a "iffy" feeling before hearing out a good influence? Make sense. Changes but not to where I can't even run the same team anymore like it is already happening which it is. Yeah
  7. Millionminds

    Current team I'm running

    Tyranitar ada ddance stab crunch rock slide, eq Dragonite ada ddance fire punch dclaw eq Snorlax careful eq curse body slam rest Metagross ada eq agility tpunch meteor mash Volcarona modest quiver n fiery dance giga drain bug buzz Hydreigon modest dragon and dark pulse flamethrower Earth power Plenty of speed and boost surround this team, agility ddances quiver curse. Hydreigon seems light? But whenever I may remove it it comes in and is a huge factor. Chesto berry on Snorlax and leftovers on the rest of the pokes I am winning every match I play upstairs pc and win every 8 out of 10 matches, I run into a single blissey over the last week and can't get it out of my head it seemed to stall my team pretty badly any ideas? I'm starting to think blissey was only a problem to me because hydreigon felt so light. Made 24000 bp over the last month or it might have been 17000 bp still looking good. Last match seemed scrambled so I am updating this post to say I don't need your help or opinion but it is open that I would like to hear it.
  8. Millionminds

    More CMs

    Playing in 2012 and 2013 it seemed as if every day we were aware of a CM, maybe at least 3 active CMs a day, as things moved forward and the devs opened themselves up CMs came and go. Seems to me as if right now would be the best to keep it business and hire active CMs again. And I can't forget community influence on the CMs between 2012-2014 and a socialist stereotypical stand point they didn't seem as "into" community as a whole as a CM should with teams becoming a more powerful figure. Teams being private. New players were the cause of the CMs seeming more open than they were. And yes in 2018 we are reaching that point where it is a new game and we need people open people in these positions. But how I see it a CM is a CM and we need more of them. At least to me.
  9. Millionminds

    Wts community comps

    Bump offline for now
  10. Millionminds


    IDK about this update.. I don't want to wait 6 more months for dungeons yo and watch it only be 1 or 2 dungeons and another 6 months for 2 more dungeons. Releasing 5+ dungeons over the next few months would be great
  11. Millionminds

    Update coming soon if tips

    Type berries and focus sash are new to me I will be on this
  12. Millionminds

    Update coming soon if tips

    With new moves and abilities coming in the future updates will these Pokemon need any of the new moves/abilities being added Dragon dance tyranitar Dragon dance Dragonite ? I'm not worried about which moves I will be replacing.
  13. Millionminds

    Shiny OT possible replacement

    마인드 컨트롤
  14. Millionminds

    Pts android

    I don't have desktop and I was wondering what kyu means saying legendarys rebuffed or something like that, is there pts legend dungeon or legend besides Mewtwo? Or Pokemon blacks storyline legendary

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