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  1. It would be great if they put titles to players either because they are good at PVP or have years in the game.
  2. Hello, I'm still waiting
  3. Name : Elenzard IGN : Elenzard Offer : 300k Request Details : Trainer Sprite References : Pokemon :  Style Request : Animated trainer Pixel
  4. Perfect, but miss the scarf can you put this? I'll give you 100k more for the inconvenience
  5. I already sent you the money, If you could draw this shirt with this scarf would be great.
  6. si podría que colores sugieres? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- trans: If I could what colors do you suggest?
  7. I want to see that work of art. :3
  8. I wonder if it is possible to change the animation of Reshiram and Zekrom. And how could I do it if it's possible. Someone could help me? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quisiera saber si es posible cambiar la animacion de reshiram y zekron y como podria hacerlo si es posible. alguien podria ayudar?
  9. I'd like you to draw my character as the second drawing you made I loved. :3 My Chef character.
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