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  1. buscando lazos de amistad con alguien que me pueda ayudar en el competitivo. (preferiblemente alguien que juege stall).
  2. Me ah gustado mucho el tema, si quieres podríamos colaborar para mejorar el tema.. sacar una segunda version. este es un tema hecho por mi
  3. I want to request a logo for my Ghiscar team
  4. Hello, I need a box of shittos
  5. I think the same, it would be a good improvement for the game.
  6. A Greeting to All The People Who Pass by My Post. I Present You My First THEME. -Information: the sources used are not mine. -For those who have liked my topic and want to contribute, a donation will be well received and appreciated. My nickname: Elenzard Link: https://mega.nz/#!IwJEhYqa!halrbTxf38GKfgUTEVMrzGBjRFdmFpv3pEBQPmYz49M -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Un Saludo ah todas las Personitas que se pasan por mi Post. LES PRESENTO MI PRIMER TEMA -Información: las fuentes usadas no son mías. -Para quienes les gusta la canción y el tema. Mi nick: Elenzard. Link:https://mega.nz/#!IwJEhYqa!halrbTxf38GKfgUTEVMrzGBjRFdmFpv3pEBQPmYz49M Login Screen: Battle: Trainer Card:
  7. It would be great if they put titles to players either because they are good at PVP or have years in the game.
  8. Welcome back to Pokemmo, if you need help you can count on me. My ING: Elenzard
  9. Name : Elenzard IGN : Elenzard Offer : 300k Request Details : Trainer Sprite References : Pokemon :  Style Request : Animated trainer Pixel
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