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  1. mosesbrenner if you want that there is "still something to do", then instead of level caps, i would advice you to think outside the box and open the oppertunity to level above level 100
  2. hello my friends, i played the game the last week like crazy and liked it very much but today i changed to other game and i will tell you why. first what i liked: i can travel between different areas and can use my pokemon from one area in another. i can fight severel times agains trainers i dont lose money when i lose fight now lets come to what i dont like and what made me quit: the level caps, because i had patience, so i said come on, make 8 badges and your pokemon will level up. but now i have 8 and they still stuck at level 62. the explanation for level caps was that you dont have the case that pokemon dont obey you, but come on i have 8 badges, i mean every pokemon would obey to me till level 100. so this makes no sence. you dont want to make the game too easy for me? come on who are you to tell me how i should play? if i want to play hard, i wont level up. if i want it easier i will level up that much as i think its necessery. but let it be my decision. i write you this as a player who was very happy to have found your game, but today changed to other game because i am disappointed that i have 8 badges and still dont level up. even if you keep the system, at least let pokemon level up after 8 badges
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