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  1. IGN: JasonSparrowX Reason: Presas que se creen cazadores seran mi cena (aunque haxen 1 poco, si haxean mucho ya no me hago cargo) Tiers: NU,NU,NU y quizas UU, OU último recurso Competitive accolades: Swellow Variocolor, 2 mejor uu en temporada pasada con 2 weeks menos jugadas Discord Contac: Jason_Sparrow#5811 Other Random Stuff: Soy una bestia
  2. Team name: Red Mark Warrior Team Tag: RMW Registered Players: Busso, DarkQuiler, JasonSparrowX, AngeloDLZ, INTELL, LokilD, BasaraTojo, Yuiyuiyui, Beatpool, XMEMEX, POLLITOBLACK Team Captain: JasonSparrowX
  3. Bearminator when you think will separate this by leagues? Of those selected to this tt I only see 4 names of the 10 teams with the highest score, in case it is 1 robbery, it is assumed that the strongest teams face here and they go several times that our RMW team and other competent ones are left out when this tour should be of the best teams, new or low-scoring teams should not fight against the current champion, there is only 1 low-scoring team that does not appear to be there SIA, of the 3 tt we entered 2 we crossed paths with them, VGC also He is like us with only 3 tt, please check as soo
  4. https://gyazo.com/8b4b12fee3a022cbcb471a733860e465 loki won
  5. after zigh vs jonathan, me vs BethoRP
  6. I have tried to contact SpirosPl but not even his own team knows about him, my dc is in the WC dc, and my nick is the same in forum and in pokemmo, as someone from poland who contacts me to specify date.
  7. Team name: Red Mark Warriors Team Tag: RMW Registered Players: JasonSparrowX, Busso, DarkQuiler, xOPtimusprimex, Brianattackpro, Hernjet, ayooze, LokiID, Jamhel, Felicidad Team Captain: Busso
  8. IGN: JasonSparrowX País: España!! Niveles: OU/UU/NU Extra: Reconocido por darkquiler que estoy a su level, nada mas que decir.
  9. Team Name: Red Mark Warriors Team Name:RMW Registered players: JasonSparrowX,DarkQuiler, Brianatackpro, Busso, Hernjet, ZiamNivek, Jamhel, EazyL, zaxke, lokilD Team Captain: JasonSparrowX
  10. Equipo: Guerreros Z Jugadores: Navetas,NagaHex (RealDevilLegend) , Kiwikid, JasonSparrowX, Zhiko Capitán: NagaHex (RealDevilLegend)
  11. Equipo: CAUTION quarentine area Jugadores: JasonSparrowX, NagaHex, RealDevilLegend Captain: JasonSparrowX
  12. Nombre del equipo: Red Mark Warrior Etiqueta del equipo: RMW Jugadores Registrados: JasonSparrowX, DarkQuiler, Hernjet, Titantistan, Brianattackpro, jamhel, LokilD, Zaxke, Busso, ZiamNivek, DarkTrainer Capitán: JasonSparrowX
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