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  1. Tyranitar and and hippo rreally strong pokemons, that u usually ll run on overused without running a sandstorm team based, just because they r good, and both(tyranitar better, cause he can easy match with pelipper) r good counters for rain teams. U can just run ferrothorn and kill every water sweeper so easily making them cry. In Other hand, sandstorm teams sucks, there is only 1 sand rush playable poke, and isnt so hard to kill, just play some hippo/swampert/gliscor/etc and earthquake him(U can mach punch Conk him and OHKO, or any kind of priority move, there r a lot) There is 0 problems with weather teams, some teams can suffer against rain if isnt ready for that, but thats more about team making than a true meta problem. Excadrill is a good lategame wincondition if played properly, but there r a lot of mons who can do the same and they arent op for that reason. And, at the end of the day, if u see a Pelipper, u ll see 90% of the time, Kingdra, Kabutops or ludicolo as partners, thats a good advantage on a non-teampreview meta bro, u can expect what is ur opponent doing and play around it. Sorry for my english, isnt my mother lenguague.
  2. Chansey can do a lot more than thunderwave to gengar, she can just wall him forever to dying at 0 pp after a boring 30 mins game(max pp required), thats A LOT OF WORSE than just one shot gengar.
  3. I read that the 14 aug update launched Moxie and Dry skin for example, but i cant find a moxie/salamence or dry skin/Tentacruel , or get it by pills. How can i get this abilities?
  4. Nice, now i have 2 perfect Blisseys and 0 eviolite chanseys, thanks for answering whatever ^^
  5. I was training my 5x31 chansey evs, i used Eartquake on the tentacools and someone called me and quited my eyes from the screen for a few seconds. I have a Blissey now... Is there anyway to devolve my blissey or im just fucked? ):
  6. I was wrong on translating "compensación" to english, "compensación" is"Multiscale".
  7. So, hidden abilitys r gonna take a bit longer right? compensation on dragonite is coming soon, or is a hidden ab too? thanks for answer whatever :P
  8. so, how long to see finally my lovely Poison Heal Gliscor on the game?
  9. Alguien sabe decirme porque teniendo x2 cint. negr0, el científico de mov. sísmico responde como si no los tuviera y me manda a regresar con 2 cint. negr0? es muy frustrante.
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