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  1. Will you do an updated guide when everything works?
  2. I mostly agree with you but there's no need for great wild pokemons. What I mean by that is that you can use Poke with bad IVs, bad EVs and a nature that won't lower a useful stat and the run will be easy as long as you are at the max level possible.
  3. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/
  4. Still, if you really want to be sure, asking a staff member is the way to go.
  5. In fact, you don't even need to buy anything. You just have to save what you get in the region for the E4. If you have a pokemon with a ok nature, at the max level possible (depending on the region's cap) and no good EV training and bad IV (10+) you can easily beat the E4. You just need good typing and not using bad pokemons like Raticate.
  6. ✦Please provide the reference of the moemon or your sprite✦ ✦Age, pose and facial expression you want✦ Thanks!
  7. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    Like what? You said that everyone knows in most game that chinese are the problems, great info dude. Anyway, this won't lead to anything since you can't bring yourself to give statistics like you said that prove without any doubt hacking from any chinese player ;) Also, you never proved that any hacking was done. And it's the most important thing right? You talk about stats but they prove nothing in the case of PokeMMO. If it wasn't clear enough for you, I won't continue this conversation.
  8. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    Because just like you, no players have stats. So either way, no one can prove anything. But i'm not the one here claiming anything amirite.
  9. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    This is ridiculous. You simply can't admit that you have no real proof that can help your claim.
  10. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    You simply can't understand the fact that botting is restricted by many factors here and for the hacking part, you have no proof that hacking was use at any given time.
  11. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    This would be a great idea @Bearminator
  12. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    Just like Russian players, french players, spanish players and so on. Because people can't stand when another community do better or play differently. Or just talk their own language in channels. It doesn't prove anything.
  13. Scyllioze

    Party PVE

    Wow, this is really stupid. You don't even know that you discredit yourself while saying shit like this. PokeMMO has a system that protect against bot. Furthermore, you don't have any prove that any chinese players hacked or anything but you still talk like it was obvious. I hate using this word but this is a real case of racism. You're just hating on an entire community who did nothing wrong. Edit: To answer to your last comment, you can desactivate email spamming in the forum settings.
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