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  1. Curseman has won 1 LatAndroid has won 2 as of this writing
  2. For all those interested to challenge me (IGN: CoolTrainerAce / Ignister - The InfernalWhipper), I will try to be available online on the following times (Approximate) Bold indicates best day for my availablility. 01/08 Thu GMT 17:00 - 18:00 Hrs 02/08 Fri GMT 17:00 - 20:00 Hrs 03/08 Sat GMT 04:30 - 20:00 Hrs 04/08 Sun GMT 04:30 - 18:00 Hrs 05/08 Mon >.< GMT 17:00 - 18:00 Hrs 06/08 Tue GMT 17:00 - 18:00 Hrs 07/08 Wed GMT 17:00 - 18:00 Hrs Use this time zone converter to find out the time in your region. Please note that these times are very approximate and I will try to make it for the sake of the event. For real life emergencies or errands I may be unable to honor this post. Due to my strict timings, please try not to miss the window as I may become unavailable if I'm online for a challenger and they don't show up. For all those who are interested to challenge me but have difficulties with these timeslots and/or need to netgotiate a time with me, feel free to do so by whisper in game, PM in the forums, reply in this thread and on discord if I'm available there (I'll try to). You can also communicate with Revato or any other official if you want and they will forward your request to me. I will try to adjust my times in such cases. Good luck!
  3. I thought I was already in as an event staff / gym leader? If not, I'm in for that role.
  4. Not at all. I gave this post exactly as much time I could spare.
  5. Legendaries will break the game. In it's current form, it is fine enough. The game already has enough power creep thanks to generation 5. OU is nothing but Conkeldurrs and Hydreigons. And legendaries for PvE will simply make the runs too easy.
  6. I like having options and so I like this suggestion. But I suspect, nothing as such is happening any time soon.
  7. See you this weekend. Try to land those Horn Drills this time. Also correct the post. It's 6v6 Clefables.
  8. Last thing we want is the game to be saturated with shinies. They way it is right now keeps shinies elusive and gives it the value it deserves. Only rewards I like are the cash payout, outfits and Pokeballs. Adding pokemon skins is just as bad as having too many shinies since shiny itself is a "premium" skin.
  9. I'd like a feature where your party/link members show up on the map or some other indicators to their current location. Also maybe have Linked player engage in wild-multi battles? Also, to have a Top X Friends and see their location (if they allow from their end) on map when they are online.
  10. How frequently can you rebattle Kanto gyms?
  11. What happens to your items if you change regions? Do you get to keep your pokeballs, bicycle and fishing rods when you move from Kanto to Hoenn? If so, then what happens when we are supposed to get the Hoenn exclusive Mach/Acro bikes? Do we get to keep two at once? Also, I think the FAQ needs to update to reflect the fact that Kanto gym cannot be re-matched. Very misleading for newcomers.
  12. Ok so they stock up XP and not actually level up? Until I beat the Champion and defeat a random Pokemon after that? If that's the case I guess I'm safe to use the 62s throughout the entirety of E4.
  13. So I recently learned that even OT Pokemons get a level cap that pretty much makes them useless you beat the E4. So here in Kanto with a max obedience of 62, I'm trying to beat E4 with a team of 60-62s. The 62s are close to leveling up and is very likely that they will get enough XP to do that during the E4 battles. Does this game actually goes ahead and ruins those Pokemon for me before I beat the Champion by letting my Pokemon exceed level cap? I had a Pokemon in Daycare and it leveled up just fine beyond the Cap making it totally useless.
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