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  1. NeonZ

    Upgrade Box

    Multi-Vitamin Pack from Pvp Rewards gives a low ammount of ev booster My Suggestion is to give 25-250EV Sample: 25 Iron and More Ps Item and the comp is done with training The only Cons is The Economy but only who fight much win those boxes
  2. affer the team anti-trick room become useless affer the other round...or work again on other user as you mention rng.
  3. Normally i seen....not a Healthy ammount of pokes using Trick Room in doubles and Taildwind. the only way to prevent is was Jumping with Quick Claw or Flinching those Pokes. in Doubles. talking about the rng fair how about the ELO is balanced?
  4. There was a change on Pvp thats the Battle points now gives arround 500BP and then you have to win more battles to keep winning arround 1k Before was 1 Win of Battle 1k bp Affer 500 Or Maybe you need a High Elo for that
  5. They added every Tutor on every pokecenter so i think is possible.
  6. NeonZ

    Weekly gifts

    i speak about the donations.
  7. NeonZ

    Weekly gifts

    I would like to say more quantity lower price in the game
  8. NeonZ

    Weekly gifts

    Normally I would have a convincing speech with a time of reflection but sometimes one must act before. What I Propose During each week or month Donations can be friendlier. For years I've seen coupons RP go up in price GTL Or trade 100k 300k you can count many times but these times have changed Right now during this time of taking care of yourself There is nothing better than giving Support to others Community Tournaments And Oficial help others but only those who have prepared for a long time who strive But not many have that time.... Neon. If You Skipped Here. If you have skipped the texts I simply suggest a little more in the weekly or monthly donations That way the economy could stabilize and so new players could take a break from training a lot. ES-Translation Durante años he visto cupones RP subir de precio GTL o intercambiar 100k 300k puedes contar muchas veces pero estos tiempos han cambiado Ahora mismo durante este tiempo de cuidarte No hay nada mejor que dar apoyo a los demás Torneos Comunitarios Y Oficial ayudar a los demás, pero solo a aquellos que se han preparado durante mucho tiempo y que se esfuerzan Pero no muchos tienen ese tiempo ... Si se saltó aquí. Si te has saltado los textos simplemente sugiero un poco más en las donaciones semanales o mensuales. De esa manera, la economía podría estabilizarse y los nuevos jugadores podrían tomarse un descanso de entrenar mucho. Think about the future Piensen En El Futuro Thanks for who read Gracias a quienes lean.
  9. NeonZ

    No Run

    Here my Suggestion when you battle a legendary and the opponent Force the off character with closing the complete game and discconecting it should be give-up and the legendary go to the winner Pro:Less Rage-Quitters Cons:More waiting for who seeks legendarys
  10. NeonZ

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Rufflet Lvl 45 - Jolly (26/30/30/20/22/31) - 10 HP/248 Atk/252 Spe 225k
  11. NeonZ

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Tropius - Jolly (21/27/21/19/25/31) - 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe - (Earthquake/Aerial Ace/Leaf Blade/Dragon Dance) 330k
  12. NeonZ

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Tropius - Jolly (21/27/21/19/25/31) - 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe - (Earthquake/Aerial Ace/Leaf Blade/Dragon Dance) 250k
  13. NeonZ

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Yanmega Speed Boost - Modest (30/14/29/27/29/31) - 252 SpA/6 SpD/252 Spe - (Bug Buzz/Air Slash/Psychic/Giga Drain) 340k
  14. NeonZ

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    i UP the bet for The Yanmega for 230k
  15. NeonZ

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Yanmega Speed Boost - Modest (30/14/29/27/29/31) - 252 SpA / 6 SpD / 252 Spe - (Bug Buzz/Air Slash/Psychic/Giga Drain) Bet 170k
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