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  1. you make more enemys than friends on the event because is more hard sincronize with others. two persons was enough for a event
  2. Maybe Can Be Added Lighting Effect during the night the Spooky Arms Turns More Invisible
  3. taked me 28/1 No idea Rng Rate is Fair.
  4. Post your prizes. will be updated everytime. Normal Goodie Bag 2X Super HP Up 1x TM light screen x3 Max Potion Hyper Potion x3 Max Revive x1 Rare Candy X5 cookies Pointed Hat Heart Candy 5x RageCandyBar 2x TM Fling 2x TM Protect 2x TM Safeguard x1 Black Sludge x1 x1 Pharoah hat
  5. Bad luck who gets two shinys in a horde...
  6. Most of Person who already played much doubles tier already got garchomp there still time for a change
  7. SoonTM For Fixing Elo?...
  8. Knowing your last post seems you faced the person again and again There no way on running away from a person block on pvp But you know if you are angry you can leave the duel and let him win or...just duel
  9. who try to control the rng gonna fail much.... The Rng not is something easy for learn
  10. We learn from the time. Meanwhile why not a percentage meter To know how much players use it It works with the tiers it would work in that
  11. The Diffrence is The ammount of players who truely uses quick claw on pvp and the other who just test and wait to see if works in the exact moment...
  12. next update Mandibuzz in uber
  13. and you has been fighting the same person or you know the poke specially the one who uses quick claw?...
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