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  1. You can manually make it zoom out by going into the setting on your phone then into developer options> Minimum width and bump it up by 50-60 points. My by default is 411 so I put my at 460 just for example. Your maybe more or less depending on your phone /tablet
  2. Any chance you can fix this.
  3. He's updated all the pokes evo line of the pokes in the pictures plus solosis line, emolga, joltik line, litwick line and maybe more he was posting them on discord when he made a new one
  4. Hot crunchyroll crawfish
  5. I dont think the OP is talking about the berrys for EV or PP that are sold on GTL but the berrys you sell at pokemarts. As someone that isnt a CN i grow berry to sell at pokemart and use 3 acc and can make 13-15m a week just watering berrys. Its something that can easily be done by anyone and take no time to just water plants.
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