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  1. to get the first shiny legendary poke :3 upon their release
  2. Berry which brings current level's EXP to 0 Cost: $5,000 - $10,000 per berry (ITS A ONE TIME USE, NOT PERMANATE, AND COST QUITE A BIT PER BERRY, THUS MAKING IT AN EFFECTIVE MONEY SINK AND IMPRACTICAL TO USE TO GET THE FULL 500+ EVs, ALLOWING AMNESIA BRACE TO STILL BE USEFULL)   Pros: ~Allows the EXP of a pokemon to be reset for further EV training WITHOUT spending money on the Donator Item "Amnesia Brace".   ~Allows for people to Confirm 31 IVs with EV training at low levels for breeding purposes.   ~Saves time for those who accidentally level when trying to confirm IVs   ~Helps those who can not afford to spend $10 on a pokemon game   ~Money sink to combat inflation   ~Helps keep pokemon at lvl 50 when Re EV training     Cons: ~Devs have to do work
  3. i always knew jindu = caracal too many things didnt add up and too many things DID add up but now i have evidence CONFIRMED... staff infiltradted by the same person, who has risen through the ranks TWICE i win FUK YAH
  4. just another thing to do @endgame   keep your playerbase going for another month after they finish :P   let them get a couple random ones from beating gym leaders or something to get them started then after E4 they are on their own collecting
  5. include shiny versions of the cards too 1/32000 of getting a shiny card SAME RATIO AS THIS MMO*   *according to an ex-staff member
  6. i think this should only be active when all badges are aquired and the elite 4 is defeated after their re-vamp   otherwise having large party capabilities would allow you to fly through campaign, simply switching parties after one has died, right in the middle of the gym
  7. could of sworn this was already confirmed to be a feature in the future.   in fact, here it says it is coming https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/16716-changelog-27032013/   it states its not complete, implying that its being worked on
  8. well RIP to this thread   wasnt asking for screnshot in the initial post, just a DISCUSSION about what your first "memory" was   now that its in creative media   it will never see the light of day again :|
  9. giygas is still staff in that pic :o had no idea he was staff that long ago as well
  10. i joined not too long before the chat boxes were changed from that format, nostalgia  too bad i dont have a screenshot from that long ago         you should post the earliest one you have now :P
  11. national obesity pride week yes i remember   your very strong and brave for attending dannnno, i am proud of you
  12. post the earliest one you actually have in the screenshots folder     you should make squirtle reimburse you 
  13. lol your chat box:   Knobs: My Pikachu wont learn swimmm! ):   lolwut
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