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  1. Kuisha

    UU's For Sale

    buy the pokes nabs
  2. Holi, busco compañeros, juego todas las tiers :3 xD @NagaHex se puede hacer donaciones ? PD: acabo de leer el mensaje completo y si se puede donar jaja
  3. Frags op, always taking my points :(
  4. Hello. I want aerodactyl 2x31+3x27+ (Jolly) egg move: Pursuit
  5. Hello guys ! (Prize: 700k) Estoy organizando un torneo dobles ahora ya en teatro musical chl 1 (Teselia) I´m organizing a dubs tournament now, is in Musical Pokémon chl 1 (Unova)
  6. action, drama, romantic, etc. Just i like watch cool animes with story.
  7. Hello, can u guys recommend me an anime ? but not "one piece" plz
  8. the admins are lazy, not putting doubles rank there
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