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  1. action, drama, romantic, etc. Just i like watch cool animes with story.
  2. Hello, can u guys recommend me an anime ? but not "one piece" plz
  3. the admins are lazy, not putting doubles rank there
  4. Just make a glaceon hat and call it "Roxxass Hat" :3
  5. Render: Sayaka Kirasaka (Strike the blood) + Shiny Lucario Name: Kuisha,The Girl Power Background: Be creative Donation: Tell me about your price :) Make an amazing signature !!!! good luck
  6. I said it, because goku was furious xD, in honest opinion, I know rakuen cans to make a better signature :3 Charizard is provoking me something ... probably the image But it´s okay, is a beautiful work, but always can to be better
  7. Form ➥ Character : Mega Charizard and Sayaka Kirasaka (Strike the blood) ➥ Background : Be Creative ➥ Text : Kuisha, The Girl Power ➥ Animated : Yes if possible Donation: 300k
  8. Hello all ! My team is recruiting semi/comp players for play competitions !! TAG: sR, Team Name: special Rythm (Preferently, speak spanish) IGN: SoFiik Whisp me in any case ! Just LF serious people I want to do a good community GL HF ATTE, SoFiik ! :3
  9. Name: Kuisha Team: The Girl Power Type of artwork: Signature character: Kuisha abaddon + shiny haxorus (if u can to put movement in haxorus similar to my signatures will be nice) Background: be creative I will give u 400k, if u can to do a good work :3
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