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  1. I need help when I'm in a battle. Movements give error and say animation error can help me

    1. 2273838120


      I have been doing this since yesterday. I have opened a new character to advance, but the old character has been doing this all the time. After applying for a new number, you can go in, unload the game, change the net, and try all kinds of methods. do you know what is going on? As soon as you choose a character to go in, the network drops off abnormally. I can't send pictures, so I don't have pictures.What's the name of the character that has been stuck online?Account game 2273838120 GodRMB role。This question trouble? Can you repair? My old role can also be used? How long will it take if I can repair?

    1. Animation in combat error


      Animation in combat error carlosrollins posted a topic on Bug Report hello to everyone how are you waiting for I have created this theme for the reason that I need help because when I am in battles the animation fails by mistake and also at the beginning it is a bit loaded I need help please aguiel can help me


      La animación en combate

      carlosrollins publicó un tema en Bug Report

      hola a todos como estan esperando que bien eh creado este tema por la razon que necesito ayuda por que cuando estoy en batallas la animacion falla por error y tambien al principio esta un poco cargado necesito ayuda por favor aguiel pueda ayudarme
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