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  1. Meh

    Brasileiro prejudicados

  2. Meh

    Frequently asked questions.

    You could try searching through the: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ part of the forums, there are a bunch of nifty mods there. My favorite mod would be the Generation 5 Follower Sprites, which lets you to walk around with Gen 5 Pokemon.
  3. Meh

    About Hidden Power

    All you have to do is use 20 elemental gems in your pokemon, and you get those by combining an item called Mysterious Gem with the elemental type boosting item you want.(To combine these 2 items, first, go into your bag and press use on the Mysterious gem) For an example, combining: mysterious gem+ metal coat= 5 steel gems mysterious gem+ poison barb= 5 poison gems mysterious gem+ nevermelting ice= 5 ice gems mysterious gem+ miracle seed= 5 grass gems mysterious gem+ charcoal= 5 fire gems mysterious gem+ sharp beak= 5 flying gems mysterious gem+ twisted spoon= 5 psychic gems mysterious gem+ black glasses= 5 dark gems ETC. The type of the gem will decide what type Hidden Power will be. ( Using 20 steel gems on torchic, would result on Hidden Power steel)
  4. Meh


  5. Ehh I mean, you can still sell it...
  6. They do, but they work differently from the normal competitive game (LVL 50), for example: 80 LC EVs=1 stat point, so investing 252 EV points in one stat is not a good ideia.
  7. Just make sure that you allowed the LC tier option when creating a duel.
  8. Also, if you want more information about breeding, you could follow this guide:
  9. Ok, first of all, UBER is a pokemon tier. (Uber, OverUsed, UnderUsed, NeverUsed and Little Cup) The breeding system in PokeMMO is different from the others core games, you lose both parents in the process, thus meaning that you are unable to get infinite charmander eggs.
  10. Meh

    Frequently asked questions.

    no puedes borrar personajes en ese juego, pero aún puedes crear múltiples cuentas. You can't delete characters in this game, but, you can still make multiple accounts.
  11. Meh

    I and my friends

    What is a friend though?
  12. Also, you can farm dawn stones and leftovers at berry forest, and defeat wild smeargles with payday at artesian cave.
  13. You can buy the TM at Lilycove's Mall, 4th floor, and it costs 25k yen.
  14. Meh

    how to shiny hunting?

    I vote to stop arguing about something that has nothing to do with this topic, please.
  15. Take my daily dose of MEMEZ.

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