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  1. Fair enough, I didn't account for that when I made this suggestion, which is why this is just a suggetion afterall.
  2. Sure, skipping 3 pieces of dialogue instantaneously raises the shiny rate to 100%, great job guys.
  3. Currently, when a player uses the move "Teleport" outside of battle, they are placed in front of the nurse. My suggestion would be to, when teleporting, fully restore your pokémon's health and PPs without having to talk to her, saving time and clicks when shiny hunting.
  4. Let's suppose you are hunting a Growlithe with an especific ability, namely "Intimidate", and you choose the horde method at route 8 (Kanto) to do so. Unfortunately, all the information you get when finding one is this: How would you -EASILY- be able to tell which one of those 3 has Intimidate? My suggestion would be to nominate each one differently. For example, in this situation, GrowlitheA, GrowlitheB, and GrowlitheC. So when GrowlitheB's ability activates, the message that wil
  5. Soak é geralmente melhor pois acaba com a resistencia à False Swipe dos tipos Steel e Rock (substituindo seu tipo para puro agua) , facilitando sua captura.
  6. PRÉ-REQUISITOS: *Ter vencido a elite 4 em Hoenn, e ter acesso a Battle Frontier *Ter começado Unova, preferentemente, ter acesso a rota após Striaton City (Route 3) *Algumas pokébolas e um X-Item (X-accuracy, X-speed, X-attack, etc...) *Ter um HM Slave com Surf Primeiro demonstrarei como chegar á Artesian Cave (lugar em que os Smeargles podem ser encontrados): 1º:Vá para o Battle Frontier, para ser mais exato, seu pokecentro. E siga nessa seguinte trajetoria: Ao chegar aqui, basta entrar na caverna, andar um pouco, e achar seu Smearg
  7. Might as well add a 10th option for consumable particles here:
  8. Some people are listing what they are finding over here:
  9. Maybe the player toggled the repel as f5, and they probally missclicked it, triggering the repel to activate. It's not always about utility, it's about general convenience.
  10. The title says it all, Let's pretend you are going to power plant (Kanto) to capture an Electabuzz, but first you need to get past that annoying river which is full of nasty wild pokemon. You can just use a repel to get over the gap, but then you'd have to walk around to get rid of the useless remaining steps. A cancel button would make so you wouldn't have to run around wasting your time which could be used for hunting Electabuzz, and getting out of the power plant sooner. It's a little feature that would make life easier. The button could be activated b
  11. Eu lhe recomendaria fazer um post nesse topico para esse tipo de problema: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  12. Translation: I cannot register to play PokeMMO... when I finish registering, the password automatically multiply itself and the worst part is that I can't see it, only the "*"! Please help me...
  13. Meh

    Value Advice

    I can do it for free, if you want to. Where are you, what channel, and ingame name please?
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