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  1. I plan on switching to playing on android here soon so I can multitask :)
  2. Name: Quarock Team (optional): EFac Background (optional): Mountain cave rocky rocks <3 Pokemon/Character: Two Cranidos, one shiny, one normal Thanks!
  3. Took me 4 tries I'm a returning PokeMMo player rediculous that a full level 62 team I have in and bought for my 3rd attempt completely wiped out at Agatha, I then resorted to mid 50's comps I transferred from my old account. They all got one shot by the level 58 Gengar. imagine a new player trying to beat the elite four on their first go and not having 5x31 natured competitive Pokémon to help out. It's extremely discouraging and turns off a lot of players. i don't know why they're focused on lengthening story by putting a level cap when the real meat and blood of the game is post-game multiplayer experience.
  4. it's even more annoying when there's a level cap at 62 anyway and you don't care about money and the xp is useless since you're stuck at 62. I finally beat the E4 on my 5th try buying a choice scarf for my alakazam as it was the only way I could beat Agatha's level 58 Gengar that one shot everything. Just remove money gain on the first elite four clear in exchange for giving us no cooldown on attempting to clear them.
  5. Guess you could say you RAINED on their parade >_>
  6. Alright so I'm a returning player trying to give PokeMMO another shot. For the most Part I breezed through Kanto in a rush because I really want to get to post-game and try out competitive battling/breeding and do staff events. However, I am completely and utterly stuck at the elite four right now thanks to this terrible level cap. at 62. On my first attempt my pokemon matched the Elite Four's pokemon's levels for the most part, but in the end I only got to Agatha before I wiped out and was sent back. When I tried to give it another shot I was blocked out for 20 minutes. Next shot I give it the same attempt with my same team slightly higher levelled than before with 2 new additions and still lose to Agatha and get blocked out again for 20 minutes. Latest attempt I gave in and bought 6 level 62s to try desperately and finish the Elite Four before wiping out again to Agatha and being blocked again for another 20 minutes. The highest level of Elite Four pokemon is 57 only 5 levels behind the maximum cap of 62 and their other pokemon linger slightly below that level. The AI has progressively gotten smarted by the devs and now switch constantly and use items more cleverly completely wrecking your plans. Not to mention level 57 pokemon often one shot your level 62s or even outspeed a famous example is Agatha's gengar who is constantly wiping my team out with her move coverage. At this point I am just completely frustrated since I have spent a total of an hour blocked by the Elite Four and have spent tons of money burning through revives and hyper potions since I am forced to compete with such a similar level team. Imagine how frustrating this must be to a complete newcomer to PokeMMO who doesn't know the reasons behind the 20 minute ban being yen inflation and not understanding the reasoning behind the level cap. I understand each have a purpose I truly do, but it's getting to the point of me giving up entirely with how frustrating each loss is to the Elite Four. The only options I have now is to spend more money getting another team or give up because thanks to the level cap I am not allowed to go out and train my pokemon harder to beat the Elite Four. The level cap needs to be risen to 68 at the least, as well as no money being given on the first clear of the elite four in exchange for no ban time for a loss.
  7. R.I.P. LvKee banned 2018 too soon
  8. interesting and i like the effort feel obliged to give u the thumb up
  9. They're on their way give em time ;-;
  10. Oh my goodness this is absolutely amazing work. Went ahead and threw in an extra 300k because this is simply beautiful. For anyone looking into this shop I highly recommend you try this out. This art is absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Being patient for Sinnoh is difficult for a lot of people including myself, but the wait shall be worth ;-; as well as your abilities and features stated in op too
  12. Oh yeah actually if you could draw my favorite pokemon Rampardos as his Shiny Version just kind of by my side that'd be even more awesome :0 you're the best!
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