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  1. in response to this , i want to ask the organizer what he did when the other participants sent him 2 , one as the highest iv and the other as the lowest iv. Did i correct it or stop responding to you during the remaining time of the posts? @EssDeeCee
  2. i sent my ticket to techno and then when i whispered to you you came out that you weren´t connected
  3. https://ibb.co/NLfD78n https://ibb.co/h9Lbz26 it was nothing to come to the event if they were not going to receive the ticket
  4. Forever second price in team #AllArgentina
  5. Well guys, I bring you a way to make good berry farm. These berries take approximately 3 days (67 hours) By the way, in this harvest I got bad because I forgot to water the abundance sanctuary one day
  6. They announced in the system message
  7. Could an auction option be implemented? So that some players who need money quickly, that the ad can be placed in an auction way As for example that each auctioned pokemon of value around 1k-700k has an offer of 10k or 20k, from a value of 701k to 1.5m, the offer is 50 or 75k, of more than 2m goes in 100k in 100k Each player who wants to put their auction pokemon would place a minimum value with the determined time of the auction that could be from 5 minutes up to 24 hours The player who has established the auction can not withdraw the advertisement out of respect for the players who bid I suggest this suggestion since many players put their pokemon in the chat with a "b / o" and some also need to sell something quickly to generate money
  8. How fast is it that shinys ot have been captured? 2 Shiny in 13 hours and 4 in 9 days
  9. Name: lEscanor Team Tag: [Lava] Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Escanor and Arcanine shiny Render (Optional): Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: yes Donation: 300k Additional information: Id also like a banner saying team lava officer
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