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  1. We needed this so much. Thank you Gilan! I've been testing it and it's doing ok, I haven't found any bug yet.
  2. For a moment I thought it was the blue one xd. Congratz.
  3. Finally the regular and shiny sprites are the same size. You're awesome dude.
  4. That's a good one. I hope I can get it some time soon.
  5. I just watched the video, and the person mentions the anti-cheat mechanic, which reduces the shiny odds for players suspected to use a third-party software to automate their games. This was confirmed by Kyu and IT IS an actual thing. However, this administrator also mentioned that this doesn't affect the majority of players, just cheaters who hack the game, and it's not based on how many encounters you make. In your case it's just bad luck.
  6. Shiny #28. Shiny Swablu after 88,683 total seen.
  7. Dude... I'm so so sorry xd. Magikarp is a cool shiny though, congratulations :D
  8. Thank you Devs for giving us hordes of Wooper :,D. Quagsire's always been my favorite pokemon and the fact that you could only find it in single encounters bugged me xd. Shiny Wooper after 2,882 horde encounters. Shiny #27
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