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  1. made these for a team who wanted banners (:
  2. i'm broke so i decided i would try to make a sig/banner shop! my ign is peachmilke and i don't have too much experience so pls be patient w/ me. if u would like a banner/sig from me i'll charge 50k minimum for banners and 100k for sigs cuz like i said im poor (but feel free to give more if u want ) :'D. during the process feel free to add me on discord (mel#5626) for updates so i can try make sure you like what you get! keep in mind that I do have a life outside of PokeMMO & may be busy with other duties (: Template: IGN: Team Name: Pokemon: Colors/Schemes: Animation: Renders: Team Role: Payment: Other Info: Examples: Signatures: Banners: If you're requesting a banner please choose from this list of pokemon: [shiny] https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/295718326389440512/676899674849804308/syhk3c6r3uxz.png [non-shiny] https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0e/ea/ed/0eeaedc12a2e83f9571a145542333eef.png
  3. Name: peachmilke Team Tag: [Mr] Character(s)/Pokemon(s): shiny celebi [pokemon crystal model if possible, if not lmk] (like so: Render (Optional): Theme Colors: white-peach color Type of Artwork: Banner Animated?: yes unless not possible then it's nbd Donation: 200k Additional information: put member in it, ty and take ur time (:
  4. In game name: peachmilke // ubemilk Join Date: 10/09/2017 Hours played: 547 Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself [Optional]: Country where you live: USA The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: mango tree - angus & julia stone Your autobiography would be called: sleep, eat, annoy ryan [repeat] Current occupation: couch potato Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Both Your super hero power would be: shapeshifting Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: fav: eevee, vulpix, mew least: garbador, patrat Favourite Movie: I dunno, but my favorite TV show is The Office Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Sailor Moon Last meal you ate was: Milky Way chocolate
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