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  1. Dang. I should've thought of that :P Thanks for answering my question though. Now to find a Teddi lol
  2. Why not let it evolve into an Ursa? Personal Preference or any specific reason?
  3. I plan to :) I was so excited when I was finally able to access the android beta. I don't have a PC at the moment so it was a trial and a half :P. Im super excited to get past each regions story so i can really start focusing on competitive play.
  4. So I had a thought while I was playing earlier today. Dunno if anyone's already thought of or posted it, but here goes nothing. So you know how the trainer is holding a pokeball in the battle/ trainer card sprite. I was thinking what if we could get different balls to customize what the trainer has. Just a thought, and I apologize for lack of images I don't own a PC in order to do up a proper sprite for you. I just thought this idea was really cool. :) Also, what if we could apply different stances for our characters. This idea would probably be alot more complicated than the one I posted above. :P Just some more food for thought. Anyways hope your having a good one! Hope you give my thoughts some consideration. I would love to see them in game.
  5. So I've actually been playing for awhile. Just haven't really gotten around to posting here. Hello everybody. I'm Zarunik, I am 26 years old and have been playing pokemon for a very long time. I'm excited to try and be apart of this community and make some memories and friends as time goes on. Hope everybody is having a good time! Looking forward to seeing you out there. :)
  6. Though I think the computers at this library may be govt restricted as well. I live on an army base so it may be entertaining to find a computer to use to do this lol
  7. Yeah. It sucks, I have access to computers but one is a govt laptop and the other is at the library which I think probably more than likely won't allow me to download files to it. It's a hard life. But I guess I'll just have to wait lol
  8. Is there anyway I can donate without logging into the game? I really wanna play the beta but I can't donate because I don't have access to a computer that I can download the game to.
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