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  1. braisjorge

    PLEASE rebalance obedience levels on kanto

    F***CK EVERYTHING !!! I BEATED THE ELITE 4!!! But i still thinking the same...
  2. braisjorge

    PLEASE rebalance obedience levels on kanto

    I would even accept it as a paid option ! You have your experience boost and your same amount of obedience boost. Everybody wins !
  3. braisjorge

    PLEASE rebalance obedience levels on kanto

    Ya tío, pero esque es excesivamente hardcore, por lo menos en los juegos originales si un poke no te obedece, por lo menos no se suicida en el primer turno, un gengar de mucho nivel me puede servir para ir descartando enemigos muy jodidos con mismodestino por lo menos, o servirme para aguantar algunos golpes y cubrir a magnezone o starmie que son los más versátiles en la liga, pero no hay manera... Ni siquiera sé si cambiar de región... porque si voy a llegar a la liga al final y me voy a atascar otra vez porque o bien me pasé del 62 o sigue siendo demasiado jodido, pues incentivos para seguir jugando... pocos... Y me jode porque hacía mucho tiempo que no jugaba a un pokemon tan bueno.
  4. (First of all, sorry for my english... i'm not a native speaker) I was defeated too many times on Kanto league that i don't know what to do... Okay... I'm not a pro, thats clear but a i have a pretty decent team, Magnezone lvl 61 (pretty near to be completly useless) Flareon lvl 60, Dragonite lvl 60, gengar lvl 61, Starmie 61and Aerodactyl 60, no one with full iv's / ev's but decent ones... And its impossible, i cannot understand how Agatha's gengar is faster than mine when i have 3 more lvls 27 ivs on speed... And Gary's leafeon is impossible to me, even with flareon... I cannot farm decently because i cannot waste my main team leveling up and i need to save money to buy revives... Fast Claw never works so i cannot have that little minimun advantange to defeat any key pokemon on league... The same with Lance's Aerodactyl, faster than mine, 3 levels more, 15 IV's on speed and 151 Ev's on speed... Is not fair... I love the extra difficulty on the main game, but at this time i think is pretty excesive on the near end game.. Something near to lvl 70 obedience i think would be a lot more fair, mostly for the people like me... I don't know if i'm missing something so any advice will be great. I fkn love this game, but im really close to abandon because im stuck...

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