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  1. Broken but it was the same things since the begining so i found that normal they yell a little, but tbh i dont really care since i don't play anymore
  2. lmao we gonna see if i only shoot :')
  3. sure i'll be here a few time till the first january to see if all my comps are sold xd
  4. Yo, it was fun to play, dk if i'd come back one day so since then, sayonara~ (rip my shiny ot left lol)
  5. Why each fucking time someone take my 26 ? i think with the time everyone know it's my fav number lmao. so go with 1 -.-
  6. Imo, it's an item who can be only usefull if the guy who got one play in LC, and tbh it's not really usefull if it worth 1000 rp + it's an untreadable item. So maybe reduce the price to 500 rp and make the brac treadable can be a good idea.
  7. Idk why but the second picture make me laugh :')
  8. thanks lil dude (And make a white theme like that too )
  9. If you refere at me, no i dont take it like a joke. Ik people who attempted suicide and i even know some people who seriously dit it, i'll never dare joke about this. The only thing i point is the fact you say you'r leaving the game and return after 2 or 3 days. no more no less
  10. Never a "see you tomorrow" was more accurate than this time. it's almost magic
  11. *Actually have more than 200k encounter since his last shiny*
  12. yar funny but how can we be a santa claus if we dont have a santa claus beard ? give us this u_u
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