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  1. FallenKings

    Entai found

    Hopefully you didn't add a H before because it would be awkward af n_n
  2. FallenKings

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    I only want turtwig and spiritomb implemented, idfc about the other stuff n_n
  3. FallenKings

    [GUI] Vulpix Dark Theme

    Your thème are really needed those days, we only got ugly themes and your themes aren't update so we cant used them anymore ;'( Come back please n_n
  4. FallenKings

    Happy Birth day

    Days -5 for myself n_n
  5. FallenKings

    Search someone for make a theme.

    Hi guys, i really need a great theme, so if anyone here are ready to make one (ofc not for free, i obviously give something like $$ in-game etc) tell me, and we gonna see together what i want. (I'm really fan of what @slidingpanda can do for exemple) .
  6. FallenKings

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Waw we finaly have a beldum found by other guys than a chinese (/¨^¨)/ Nice stuff, like always very fair n_n
  7. FallenKings

    Team Lava

  8. FallenKings

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I dont deserve a thanks ? :'v v(¨^¨)v
  9. FallenKings

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Poor escanor ,_,
  10. FallenKings

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Ultra fair 'grats
  11. Go add a battle royale on mmo too lol.
  12. FallenKings

    Goodybe MMO

    Goodbye Terr' (°-°)/
  13. FallenKings

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Rose are red, Violet are blue. Yellow is the new orange Charmender is the new rat ~

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