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  1. Broken but it was the same things since the begining so i found that normal they yell a little, but tbh i dont really care since i don't play anymore
  2. Why each fucking time someone take my 26 ? i think with the time everyone know it's my fav number lmao. so go with 1 -.-
  3. Imo, it's an item who can be only usefull if the guy who got one play in LC, and tbh it's not really usefull if it worth 1000 rp + it's an untreadable item. So maybe reduce the price to 500 rp and make the brac treadable can be a good idea.
  4. Idk why but the second picture make me laugh :')
  5. thanks lil dude (And make a white theme like that too )
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