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  1. Abide by the rules set by Staff and you won't be punished, simple.
  2. Thank you especially for the website where i can see random shinies i can hunt :)
  3. Welcome to pokemmo, glad you're here :P
  4. What normally happens if you don't? I'm a bit curious.
  5. For shiny hunting i go to random places that nobody goes to that has hordes and shiny hunt that's how i have my shinies. This isn't a proven method to work, but it works for me sometimes.
  6. TechnoVortex


    Welcome back! enjoy your stay!
  7. Sorry but Pelipper 15 encounters Duosion 25 encounters Woobat (i was looking for shiny axew) roughly 2k around there encounters Fearow (i was looking for shiny persian) roughly 1k encounters Swablu (still searching) 26k encounters
  8. I'm not colourblind but other people might be. It would be cool to see colourblind support! https://gyazo.com/872a10eab47cb51dc2f4107601eecc2d
  9. Welcome to this amazing game and community :D
  10. Welcome to PokeMMO, you will find a shiny magikarp in no time. :D
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