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  1. I think It's ok as long PokeMMO is a fanproject and, as it is now now, basically a free to play experience, also because they're not professionals. I would only suggest them not to create hype without reasons and not to announce something that maybe is not even in middle stage of developement, or at least to keep the community updated about the developement not answering like s**t to users asking rightful questions. We are going off topic however. To me Christmas event would be a as the Halloween one: just something to do in order to obtain new vanities that you can easily skip paying real money and some snow and Christmas lights spread around the map (obviously the Unova region will recieve major attentions).
  2. That's what a GM answered to a player 14h ago before closing the topic; after an answer like this I am seriously doubting I want to have any sort of contact with them...
  3. I'm just saying that in OU gengar is one of the most common ghost types, however I think chandelure can be very good in your team both for type coverage and checks. Honestly many people use only the over used of OU tier but having some tier-stranger pokemon is definitely a benefit (I run a Xatu an a Yanmega and both kick asses). Just use what you're confident with and listen to other's advices without conforming too much with what other players do. ^^
  4. "What an original team! Why don't you use Cloyster and Scizor too? They are broken strong!" That's what I wanted to say, but unfortunately the meta is the meta so... - I suggest you using Salamence instead of Hydreigon if you don't mind about it because Sal. can learn both dragon caw and outrage, is sliiiightly faster (just 2 points), has a waaay better attack (30 pts) and15 points less sp.atk, so basically depends on the sinergies with your team. - Usually few are better than Gengar to outspeed other mons but Chandelure has a higher sp.atk and defenses besides being able to counter flame moves so... great choice chandelure for your team, being able to check hazards for breloom and ferrothorn as any other flash fire pokemon. - Breloom is in your team because is shiny I imagine but the set as it is will not work in OU, I guarantee. - I consider Ferrothorn an horrible and boring pokemon but you'll almost never find a team in OU without him. I suggest to remove thunder wave as it is kinda useless and try something more fancy like idk... leech seed or toxic, up to your choice. - I hate Mienshao so I'll shut my mouth - Starmie is a freakin' beast, everybody use it but is a beast. in addiction I suggest you to see the current meta to decide. ♥
  5. Totally agree. Just read the first six lines; It is neither so time consuming neither annoyng to travel (it's practically all in Unima and litterally NEXT the pokecenters you fly to). The only thing that can be improved is putting everything in the same damn place. You practically answered your topic by yourself ^^
  6. Although I partially share you point view about shiny rate, expansive breeding system and the excessive importance players give to it I must clarify a few points: 1) not true, they have a value too; obviously way more less then 5x31 IVs pokemon which are used in PvP or tournaments, but thos is a win-win condition because you can still play and kick asses without all 31 IVs pokemons and if you want to breed to have a slightly better one (or maybe to teach eggmoves) you don't have to pay a fortune or spend literally hours searching and capturing for a good -maybe rare- pokemon, which brings me to point 2) this is an ORIGINAL pokemon games mechanic, it is called EGG GROUP present since gen 2. So basically if you want to complain do it with Nintendo and GameFreaks. 3) It's like...life man. You have money, you can do wathever you want. And again time to spend in the game and accordingly earning money isn't just like everyday life? 4) Encounter rate are basically the same of the original games; furthermore this should be an advantage to you because you'll only need a female rare pokemon to start breeding with many non rare pokemons. Imagine if you would be able to breed only with the same pokemon specie... the prices of those rare pokemon will rise absurdly even though they are a total crap and breeding would be waaaaay more expansive and time consuming. (exactly the contrary of what you want, right? 5) It's kinda the base of the game, "catch 'em all", remember? You are supposed to spend time in order to find a good pokemon. 6) No, it isn't but is useful. 7) If you are complaining about spending too much time searching for good pokemons, WHY THE HELL DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT SHINIES!?!?!?!?!? It's freaking time consuming even in the original games!!!! 8) Bye
  7. because themes are not mods; in order to apply one you have to copy your EXCTRACTED theme into: user/nameofuser/AppData/Roaming/PokeMMO/data/themes (or simply right click on your PokeMMO icon + open destination folder + data/themes). When you'll open your game you'll go to settings, UI, theme and select wich you want.
  8. Yes, I heard about this now that you make me think about it. Totally agree, It's so freakin' easy now. The only "issue" is that ev hotspot are not all in the same region -thanks God, cuz I hate Unima- and in the same place so basically he's saying to make a single area with every ev hotspot. I don't think it's necessary.
  9. I suggested a very similar idea some time ago for the classified pvp but obviously the devs attention was directed at something else. The Devs simply don't care about you saving time; they have shown this many times before. They didn't even finished the developement of: minigames in Kanto, the Battle Frontier in Hoenn, the Dungeons in Unima AND the whole Sinnoh region (for which we are waiting since 26th of march). What makes you think they'll develop something alike what you said? I'm sorry, nice idea though.
  10. ahahah, you got me ^^
  11. It is EXACTLY what we need now; in fact I answered no -.-"
  12. Have you seen this region? Missing Sinnoh update Last seen 7 months ago, 26th of march; no news since. If you have informations please contact us at [email protected]
  13. Certainly not about Johto <3 ...and just for the records I've been playing since 2016 ^^
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