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  1. We're not going anywhere and ignoring even the less, we're here to prevent a good game we love and on which we spent time and efforts from becoming a complete scum because some people can't accomplish tasks that even childern in the '90 were capable of.
  2. Man, I speak German, English, Spanish, Italian, some Portuguese and some French and I never read anything about this topic... maybe you are assuming this basing on your own language, having therefore a partial view of the whole thing: the fact that you saw this trend in your region does not mean that people of other regions share the same point of view, as proved by the only 2 votes this suggestion received.
  3. So basically a better and smarter person than you, thanx ^^ I perfectly know this is an MMO, newbie (even if it lacks of the most important feature of an MMO, interactionality). An MMO doesn't mean that you are allowed to do whatever you want or trick the game just because you are lazy. The meaning of MMO is all another story (go study it). Furthermore it seems to me that in no MMO you can rent your object/equipment/mounts or whatever so I still don't justify you. Just another reminder, this game is HEAVILY based on the original ones so it doesn't work like other MMOs; if you modify the very central point of the originals, what's the point of playing Pokemon and not another game? Anyway the devs will decide if this abomination is against the spirit of the game or not.
  4. That's just your opinion. Those games are MEANT to be played this way, you are the one trying to subvert the natural order of things and don't even try to say someone is a fascist only beacause you want to do whatever you want, go develop your own game if you want your own rules.
  5. If you want to "play"(?) an easier version of the game, download an emulator and use cheatcodes, coz I have no intention to play a game ultra-easy mode and it would not be fair if other people could. (If your problem is that you don't wanna lose, that's YOUR problem, face it and try to be a better trainer i.o. to win) I don't know why you guys are trying everything to make a game we love for what it is and how it works a living trash. If you don't care about catch, train and fight with your own pokemon, go play something else instead. Just another point: how you think to limit the usage of rented pokemons in tournaments and pvp? Because as before I have no intention to play an online experience where your opponent could have rented, maxed pokemons. It's just not fair and lazy.
  6. As you are. No, we first need many of the bugs present in the game to be fixed and not yet implemented features in already available regions to be developed and then, and only then, Johto. Because playing my favourite region emasculated like the others it's not what I want. No, we don't. Definitely we don't. I can't figure out why a person asking for Johto should ask for some crap like 3d animated sprites. Install a mod instead. Shame on you. P.s.: It's freakin' JoHto, not JHoto!
  7. Please, no. You hurt me badly saying this :'(
  8. Nope, battle frontier had no implementations since. There are only few structures working (which are extremely easy and give a ridiculously low amount of BP) and the BP exchange infrastructures.
  9. lallo17

    Why ?

    happened the same to me, I don't know which is the problem. I've just beated them all again
  10. IS IT ENOUGH???? I'm sick of you people asking over and over about Johto; I took just the FIRST page of results about Johto OF 49!!! Don' get me wrong I really love Johto (it's the reason why I love Pokemon, the region with the most beautiful story of all, most evocative and with all my favourite mons) and I would play it 'till nausea if it would be available but it isn't and it won't be 'till the next 2-3 years AT LEAST and no, we don't actually need it; we want it (and not even the entire community) Please STOP with all these Johto posts; we already have a lot of bugs and unimplemented features in this game and focusing only on "we need Johto" all the time will do nothing but stroke the hate of all the people who don't like Johto or simply don't care. Vote the already existing posts about it in the suggestion box instead keep writing new ones about it because both me and, I imagine, many others are really sick of finding every day questions about it.
  11. According to what seems to me soo far, Sinnoh brought a new region, with all the implications, and something like 6 pokemon relevant for PvP (please, correct me if I'm wrong it is a very approximative data) not obtainable after unova league or through other means. So it brought nostaligia (?) and few mons, the majority of which were already obtainable or PvP-wise near to be useless but I didn't see people complaying about it, so I don't get your point. Please tell me which other benefits you think brought Sinnoh that are not comparable with Johto ones so that I will understand you better ^^ Furthermore I don't think that in a 2-3 years time the devs will focus only on the developement of the new region considering the importance of dungeons and all the bugs and unimplemented features we currently have in the 4 available Regions. Yes it is and we respect it... as long as you respect ours. I perfectly understand what you mean but maybe being a little less grumpy will attract less arguments with other people too :) and yes, we don't need to agree too but, if every month there's a new topic about Johto (and I as a fan of Johto am sick of it) maybe a very big part of the community wants Johto even if it brings nothing more than a new (2) region and maybe it's the case to get over it and stop complaining about people who wants a fantastic region like Johto for the simple sake of it, beacause a game should be fun and not everyone find PvP to be funnier than a region they love and want to play :) Enjoy the game.
  12. You don't speak for me. I don't want to complete another region story if it doesn't provide new competitive content. He speaks fo me.
  13. Rhydon gives 2 ATK, not DEF; Rhyhorn gives 1 DEF slowbro gives 2 DEF, not SPDEF Sealeo gives 2 HP, not SPDEF
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