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  1. why don't you do it? I would be very happy if you would share with us your undoubtly amazing skills in programming to help the devs implementing Johto asap.
  2. and and usually the pokemon sold for cheap are not very good so... can't see the problem.
  3. yes it is, definitely. yes, you can catch pikachu in both viridian forest and power plant and have a locomovolt pikachu using the light ball you find as pikachu held item (I prefer way more raichu tho).
  4. I see... that's nice, thanks
  5. as far as I know... nope. It would be very nice to develop a secret bases machanic to fit with the MMO component of the game.
  6. meningful interactions, coop, a real sense for team existance, a better and more solid postgame rather then just grinding and pvp... this kind of stuff maybe.
  7. Do we have, to date, any actual clue if hidden abilities would ever be implemented in the future? Cuz I, as many of you too, have many pokemon teams and sets in mind that need hidden abilities in order to work properly and I was starting wondering if maybe it's the case to cease with my dreams of glory and just stick with the mons I already have.
  8. Read before talking, I was mocking him because the only right thing in what he said was in the title. P.s. for a player mastering just the basic mechanisms of the game, it isn't difficult at all. -.-"
  9. way better idea then de-evolving but you can press B during the evolution to interrupt it... plot twist
  10. lallo17

    Gen 6 pokemon

    Nope, first dungeons, hidden abilities, bug fixes AND JOHTO. then maybe in a hundred years a s**t like Kalos
  11. Yes, you're kinda right. This is by any means the worst MMO I ever played, lacking of any of the features of an MMO, but absolutely not for the reasons you said!!! I mean, if you have to complain about not being an MMO at all it's ok but... arguing about the difficulty is ridiculous man. -_-"
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