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  1. Right! Like the Battle Zone and the Undergrounds and... oh, wait... I'll answer. Considering that more than the half of Sinnoh's dex is made of already available 1st and 3rd gen pokes: Garchomp. You only care about Garchomp. Everybody cares about him and only him. Don't fake it. You care about the other few pokes as much as I do... Maybe someone likes that flaming-a** monkey. 1st and 2nd gen are the the friggin' base of pokemon franchise itself! I mean... how on earth someone would even consider this gibberish. No, since it is basically castrated and there are something like 3 modalities... Come on you're making up your arguments at this point. And to be fair I DO beacuse is the only place where I can fight with friends in coop. Please demigod of Dungeons, explain us common idiotic mortals the Truth! Why isn't a pokemon region worth as a Dungeon? Because we're argumenting, you're saying "naaaah it's not how you all are saying" ehmmmmmm guess what... I suppose we have way more than 20h...
  2. They're right about the HA; the meta is stuck with the same 10 pokes with exactly the same movesets. Adding the HA allows many pokes that now are basically useless to be used even in pvp. I myself have the same 2 teams since the beginning of the game because 20 other pokes I want to use are basically trash or simply waaay underperforming w/o HA. Consider this: with the HA we'll have (pokes+teams)^2. So to me it should be HA->Johto->Dungeons->Finishing all the unfinished contents in already existing regions-> various implementations to make PokeMMO fells like an actual MMO. Everyone is happy and the game breathes new air, which is needed considering the "new amazing nothing" added by Sinnoh.
  3. you're toxic. probably the most toxic person on this forum. As a Johto lover myself: WE KNOW that there are other priorities and WE KNOW that people requesting for Johto all the time is, to use an euphemism, sickening, but you seem just to search for occasions to be nothing but obnoxious and add nothing but plain attacks and insults to whoever doesn't share your "opinion". The playerbase wants Johto and every player at a certain point asks for it on the forum. FACE IT and, please, if you have nothing constructive to say st*u.
  4. Please check and support other suggestions similar to yours 🙂
  5. No Garchomp, no Scizor, no Conkeldurr...People are just not interested in using other pokes; furthermore there's random. Maybe there's a problem, wyt?
  6. Perfetto, grazie mille. Più persone mi confermano il contrario più significa che, per fortuna, era solo un'impressione. Eng. thx, the more people tell me I'm wrong about my sus the better it is.
  7. thx but I don't think that the AI is difficult to defeat; it was just a concern about the overall fairness of his tactics.
  8. Yup, but if I use an ineffective move or non damaging moves he doesn't heal. That's my doubt. If AI would heal every time the poke is low on health it's ok, but (at least as far as it seems to me) he does it only when I'm using a damaging move. This is why I asked, because I wanna know if it's just an impression of mine. 🙂
  9. Does the AI response to the move the player is chosing? ex. Was beating Morimoto: against Vaporeon (always poisoned) I used Crunch when V. was almost dead and mr.M. uses Full Restore. Exactly same scenario, other match: I use Toxic (Vaporeon is already poisoned so it would have no effect) and mr.M. doesn't use Full Restore. Done again and again. Similar story with the E4. My suspect is that the AI knows if you'll kill the mon/use a super effective move/use a failing move and cure him by response and in some cases it seems to know which move you're using. If that's the case, it means that the AI is literally peeking my moves and knows which one I choose acting accordingly, and that's not fair at all. What do you think? Is it possible or am I paranoic? Thx everybody 🙂
  10. A W E S O M E just a background could make it better
  11. How do I stop the camera during a battle from moving? It's giving me nausea lol
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