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  1. I think you're right, but personally I am quite discouraged in breeding or selling due to the constant mess in the boxes and I'm pretty sure that I would play much more if new sort options will be added; in fact I would certainly spend less time ordering boxes and way more playing.
  2. I rediscovered Luck Incense being a substitute for Amulet Coin so I tought to check if, after the nerf of the latter, it was still working (I found no topics or informations about in the forum). I checked that it was not working (obviously) with payday, but I can't see an increase of the incoming after the battles. Can someone confirm this? Otherwise I want my money back ;P
  3. The reason of this post has never been arguing if the problem it's me or the meta, but understanding why NU & UU tiers matchmaking doesn't work. I had the answers I was searching for; thanks everybody, specially Matoka, for the help.
  4. Thanks but... no, thanks. I like actual pokémon... no offense intended ^^
  5. I know, I know... but my pokemon usually are outspeeded by those funny guys who can take all my little friends down in very little time. :'(
  6. Thank you for answering, I'll try with ranked next time :) I was just afraid that the playerbase could have been the problem; I hope that in the future more players would open their mind to other pokémon and movesets rather than the usually OU/Smogon copied ones :'( Because I wanted to try some of the not-so-competitive pokemon teams in a more competitive enviroment (without being destroyed by Hydreigon/Salamance/Dragonite with a single shot) in order to understand their true potential...and earning some BP in the meantime XD
  7. I have a simple question, why under used and never used matches never work? I am honestly sick of playing against the same pokemon with the same moves over and over in OU tier, so I tried to switch to UU and NU tier but not a single match can ever be found; maybe I am doing something wrong... can someone please explain me how does it works? Thanks. p.s.: I tried at the same time of a bunch of friends of mine (to be sure it was not a momentarely lack of opponents in the tier) but nothing happened...
  8. Hello everyone, back from my hunting session I found myself staring at my hoplessy messy PC boxes, so I started thinking if we could have more options for box organization. For instance a "sort by catch date/ pokedex number/ egg group ..." or similar. What do you all think? Can those kind of options be useful to others besides me? Have you any suggestion?
  9. Since took more than 2 years for the developers to announce platinum (and we are still waiting) and it is a fun project, I assume that we will not be able to play HG & SS before 2021, if we have different conceptions of time and for you 2 years are "soon", well good for you.
  10. I think that one of the problems with HG & SS developement could be that Kanto map is a main part of the story and the developers can't just cut it off like they did with Unova's additional zones. But again I really hope they could develop HG & SS as faster as possible.
  11. 1) Platinum is NOT a better version of Silver & Gold 2) It would be sadly impossible, I fear, even if a rather pleasant surprise.
  12. Personally, as a berry farmer, I am very happy about that part of the update and I AM celebrating because it was really needed as one of the main problem of the inflaction in game (not as somebody else say amulet coin or selling lucky egg -.-) but we are talking about the massive and unjustified money loss caused to those who have lucky eggs and found themselves deprived of one of the most valuable items of the game.
  13. nothing strange, we are always the same people talking on the forum while all the other players are unintrested in the game developing and accept every update then complainig in private with their friends. Personallu I have many friends doing the same. You' didn't get the point. We are OK with nerfing objects that would be too powerful or with mechanics that would break the game. Moereover for your information, there are hundreds of posts about nerfing berry farming and no one complained about the new untradeability of seeds or the nerf of berries selling prices to NPCs (if you noticed). And YES, LOTS of players have lost their interest (even donators) after every update; many of them keep on playing just because they started years ago and don't want to throw away all the time spent an the game. So...no I don't trust you.
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