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  1. 1) Secret Bases are kinda useless, it have always been this way. Maybe more decorations (like the ones already existing in Sinnoh) AND the possibility to cure mons/fly to would be appreciable. (...in other regions too maybe...) 2) Share position of friends (at least the ones linked) on the map 3) -idk if has been already implemented, but the last time I checked it wasn't- allow friendly 2vs2 battles with other players (like the link battle in battle tower but against real people)
  2. Annoying. Just go see the items held by Gym leaders only in Kanto: If one Poke has a comp Item is no problem; if two mons have a comp item is no problem; same with three; when all the pokes have comp item, now THAT'S a problem. I'm tired of Brock's "Resist" team either with the ability or the object, I'm tired of Surge's Balloon team, all the Bijoux, I'm tired of fighting mons with Hidden Abilities, which new players don't even know exist, AND I'm sick of fighting against mons with always the right secret power ALL THE TIME. Building a team this way is just a lazy approach. Instead of thinking "which one could be the better set for this mon or gym leader from a tactical standpoint" are built around "just max all out to overspeed or shot apponent's team or just to make the battle longer even if without a possibility for the Gym leader". Play since 2015, trained countless hours against hordes, never seen a shiny.
  3. Yep it would, agree. Yep, definitely annoying. I think all the option boxes should be revamped. No they ain't; they bother many other people.
  4. Condolece for your Garchomp XD
  5. clock+sun and position of informations (should be more up)
  6. There are litterally hundred of posts with the same exact topic, try a search before opening a new discussion
  7. why don't you do it? I would be very happy if you would share with us your undoubtly amazing skills in programming to help the devs implementing Johto asap.
  8. and and usually the pokemon sold for cheap are not very good so... can't see the problem.
  9. yes it is, definitely. yes, you can catch pikachu in both viridian forest and power plant and have a locomovolt pikachu using the light ball you find as pikachu held item (I prefer way more raichu tho).
  10. I see... that's nice, thanks
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