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  1. Heracross, i just like the way he looks and the movepool
  2. Tbh i hope team previeuw does not get added, the element of suprise makes pvp more fun.
  3. was an account of 2013 unsure what it had but i dont care about it anymore, new account has 7 comps atm and making more
  4. I had the same on an old account, even my pokemon were whipped.I started over after it on a new account.
  5. shinies have 1 purpose: sell them to use the money to breed. I rather have a comp sunkern then a shiny. all about them stats
  6. Germany such a let down, mexico is the suprise to me so far. As a belgian i remember them playing 3-3 in november 2017 against Belgium. And yes Belgium ranked 3rd on the FIFA ranking is a strong team. Really nice team mexico has.
  7. I don't care about shinies only about stats, so meh on shinies.
  8. Fixed it, nvm thanks anyway
  9. Screwed up with a breed, and forgot to get certain eggmoves, can this stil be fixed without rebreeding?
  10. Already have arcanine and volcarona , to much fire… i need another solution, unsure yet wich one i'll figure it out
  11. Character: Shiny HeracrossName: Ihostlong Team or any tekst: Background: Scenery or Abstract: Scenery (something light background with a sun perhaps).
  12. Hi all, Ty everyone for the replies, much appreciated and helpfull. To answer the question, i got everything beat, no lvl cap, 5 comp mons ev trained of wich 1 is lvl 100 rest stil grinding and i am currently expanding that list also have a false swipe lvl 100 smeargle x3 catcher and a pickup meowth x5 almost lvl 100. my comps are x5. So yes i've been doing stuff that is listed in this guide, even some gtl flipping. I stil strugle with gym rematches but that should be over soon when my other comps are lvl 100, currently can beat a few of the gym rematches just with OHKOing with a heracross lvl 100, but i am obvisouly not fully ready yet to beat all gyms (i will soon tough). But i feel like i made some inefficient farming choices in the past, the answers are defintly helpfull. I'll use the tips listed thanks everyone for this update.
  13. Hi, I feel like i am doing something wrong regarding the money aspect. I tried looking up guides on how to make money in pokemmo, but they feel outdated. For exemple i am not sure berry farming is all that profitable if you incalculate harvesting tools for new seeds… (perhaps the price for harvesting tools is to high?). Shard and everstone farming are cheap on gtl compared to the time you commit. I feel like we lack npc's that payout 5-6k a fight like those two in unova do at i believe route 13 (maybe i am missing a few good payers). Whats really left is gym rematches, but since they scale it is not that easy either. What am i missing? Or what do you guys do? What are the big money secrets in pokemmo? Since yes i burn money making comps faster then i make money...
  14. Anyone has a similar list like this for unova???????
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