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  1. Im a playstation guy but if xbox has the equivalent to the playstation jailbreak, it may be possible to install linux on it and run pokemmo through linux
  2. You must save him in Nimbasa City first, then he will be available at the daycare
  3. If im not mistaken this is the first year of xmas event where all the possible elfbot vanities have been done (aside from fairy, but we dont have fairy typing). So im curious to see what vanities we will get if they no longer continue the elfbot vanity theme this year.
  4. Im the minority but i absolutely love the Zombie Head vanity. Its something different and unique. The Mage Staff and Hat are both nice as well, and i think the Oni mask has a lot of variety to mix and match outfits. Overall i think they did pretty well with the vanities this year compared to last years. As far as the werewolf mask, im not a big fan personally but im sure its amazing for some fur...uh...other players😂
  5. Mage Staff Back Vanity is a rare drop from the bags it seems
  6. Notice youre the only person complaining about an event that happens every year lol. Hi im Obvi btw, always nice to meet the new guys joining the game ^_^
  7. Whos We? Because it aint me lol
  8. If its something you feel you would enjoy doing together thats all that matters 😉
  9. Id like to clarify that i was not insinuating that you guys as devs are "money grubbing". Considering us players can play this game for absolutely free and dump thousands of hours into it id say this mmo is one of the most generous free to play games that are available. I say this because i feel it makes sense when put in perspective of someone who is running something that is profitable. Less in game weath being generated will bring more people that will want to skip the grind by donating. Even so, the game is free and we are given the option to work for what we want if we put in the effort. I just believe with the nerfs of all the money making methods over the years it has become MUCH more difficult for new players to obtain any kind of value on their accounts compared to years past. After re-evaluating the frisk nerf, i can see why it was done. I was not one to frisk farm so i didnt realize the market of items such as damp rock where so low, i was just focused on amulet coins specifically so the nerf makes more sense.
  10. Yep exactly. Cant get the rich to donate when they dont need too, but new players with less and less oportunity to grind for profit will be more likely to donate. From a profit standpoint it makes sense for the devs. Sucks for the playerbase tho
  11. Me want hat Me 4-18 record say no hat for u
  12. I would note the time you start the event and have them link you their catch so you can check their date/time caught and OT just to be safe. Always gonna be that guy who links a comp or GTL mon xD
  13. Have contestants play a game of "Red light green light" winner gets to 1v1 u in a togepi metronome battle for a prize. Have a group of ppl come to you, flash them a follower pokemon and they have to compete to go and catch that pokemon and bring it back to you as a follower. First to do so wins a prize. Or chance to 1v1 togepi metronome battle for prize lol. Um thats all i got for now. Curious to see what others say though
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