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  1. Thank you again for another great lottery :D
  2. Obvi

    A Little Question

    Each encounter you face in the wild has a 1/30,000 chance to be shiny (1/27,000 with Donator status). There are no other influences that change the possibility of finding a shiny. Therefor to answer your question no, your RNG or Random Number Sequence is not effected by other players.
  3. Obvi

    nintendo switch

    Well it's possible if u run a custom homebrew firmware on ur switch and using a Linux loader :)
  4. The vanity is already in the game, it already has its own slot for shoes implimented. Why can't be have the option to buy them in the mart? It would be nice to be able to match the shoes with your outfits without having to buy a 1.3 million yen makeover kit just to do so. Same can be said about the pants vanity. Don't really see any reason why we don't have this option
  5. Same one that was posted as an oshawott a while back, but new owner evolved
  6. Obvi

    Particle limit?

    Thanks for the quick reply
  7. Obvi

    Particle limit?

    Is their a limit to how many particles a single mon can have? After seeing that you have the option too add multiple particles and switch between them it would be cool to add them all to some of my favorite mons. If their is a limit I would end up holding off on a lot of the particles in hopes for more in future events.
  8. Obvi

    can event items come back?

    I didn't take a pic of it, although I probably should have. @MathewMat can vouch that it's out there though
  9. Obvi

    can event items come back?

    There is another active party hat, it was in trade chat ealier today as a troll. Many Lava members can also confirm if my word isn't enough
  10. Obvi

    Masterball Sales

    I wouldn't be mad to see them for 1,000,000 each
  11. Obvi

    New way of making pokeyen

    Inb4 nugget and big nugget NPC sale prices decreased to 500 yen and 3k yen as a nerf :^)
  12. Congrats man! Every time I popped my head in Mt.Ember I would see you hunting for it. Hard work pays off!
  13. Working but I'll be on break in about 2 hours

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