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  1. The simple and unfortunate truth is that the less viable and reasonable ways to grind for money there are, the more people buy RP to fill that void. Some players are buying RP by the stacks of 50. You didnt see that come up on GTL once when berry farming was in its prime, but now its a regular thing. I doubt they plan to cut their RP profits by making grinding easier when its been so successful this way.
  2. You stopped reading my post half way through apparently.
  3. Posting listings with the intention to rip someone off is vastly different than simply buying a snipe off the market. No one is going to pass up a good deal just because its cheap. I dont see how thats unethical, and i guerentee no one is looking at a snipe and saying "nah im not buying that it is too cheap and unethical to do so" lol. That is not a buyers fault, but the listers fault for not taking a few seconds to ask or search the value of an item. When someone is Intentionally trying to manipulate people like the 100RP/7 day donator scam, that is unethical. Im shocked to see
  4. You can get them from both presents but odds are very very slim
  5. I see no harm on having gtl as an option past 4th badge, anyone can choose not to use it and play the game in a more classic fashion if they choose, but considering this is an MMO GTL is a major part of the game that will never be removed
  6. Event has been really underwhelming honestly. No hope to get anything good in the one gift we can farm an hour at best. Plus now this event is giving untradable items
  7. Suprised the event vanities arent yellow when linked in chat like shinies, because their drop rates feel about the same.
  8. You play as an elfbot, not with your teams
  9. The Gameboy backpack vanity is kinda neat
  10. Finally a vanity you would actually wear
  11. Opinions on ths snow globe vanity while we wait?....lol...
  12. Pretty sure there was an exploit. People where listing stacks of 20 presents only a few minutes after it launched
  13. Ahh so i can stop refreshing the log in screen then lol
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