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  1. A lot of mobile players have the issue where the keyboard will constantly change when attempting to type or glitch out and type random letters while not letting you type what is intended. I thought it was just my phone but ive had 3 phones with the app and they all do it. Its very frustrating and makes me not want to talk to friends or use GTL because every time i try to type something it either changes my keyboard or only types random things. It prevents me from wanting to play on Mobile and Mobile is 98% of my playing. Please take the time to look into fixing this very annoying problem with the typing on the mobile app. Thank you.
  2. Looking for someone who is consistently winning against the pumpking 5 candy challenge to loan me a 5 pokemon team and guide me to victory through spectate mode so i can obtain the particle reward on two of my shinies. I am paying 1m per victory (need 2) and ill pay my own candies ofc. I know, lame way to go about it but im not much into battling and have very little high level competitive pokemon.
  3. Elfbots weren't shiny locked someone found one b4
  4. After the xmas lights from last year I think we have only had the Boar hood and boar costume unless I'm drawing a blank
  5. Good luck trying to obtain every item possible in the game when people drop a literal 1 billion on the electric storm vanity alone lol
  6. Also many people farm garbodors for money as they hold nuggets, so inevitably more shiniest of them will be found
  7. 33 please - Obvi Ah didnt see 33 was taken, ill take 34
  8. Thanks a ton man, i love it!
  9. I didnt know you where streaming Mox?!?! Congrats bro!
  10. Believe it or not, it is possible to use your ps4 to play PokeMMO if you do not have a PC to play on! Not everyone with a ps4 will be able to do this though, as it requires some specific necessities to be done. To do this, we will be installing a Linux Distro to a USB Drive (Or External Hard drive) and running the Distro using the PS4's Hardware. This does not effect ANYTHING on your ps4, as it basically is all ran through your USB or External HDD. Not only can this be used for PokeMMO, but to give your PS4 the ability to run like a low level gaming PC! REQUIREMENTS: - PS4 On Firmware 5.05 (This is mandatory, if your console is updated past this, then this will not work for you. If you are already update past this, it is not possible to downgrade to 5.05. If your console is on an update below this, you can download the 5.05 update to a USB and install it. To check your console firmware, go to Settings>System Settings >System Information) - A USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive 4GB or larger formatted in FAT32. (To format, right click, Click format, and find FAT32 in the drop down Menu) - The Linux Distro Installation Files which can be found here. ( The Infarams and the BzImage files are what mount the Distro to your USB/HDD and the Psxitarch is the Linux itself) The Infarams - https://mega.nz/#!IUBDiQKY!7WK2zFkUQbqJ02b9LTSAGug3NiL_8XPhprLcqVcfXxQ The BzImage - https://mega.nz/#!5ARRAA7Y!R3OCwpdLIIXElpof-EiSFFMBCAe4qqcXrwZgmebBf-E The Psxitarch Linux Distro - https://www.psxita.it/distro/psxitarch.tar.xz TUTORIAL: 1. Make sure your USB or HDD is formatted in FAT32 format and has NO files on the root fo the device. This is just temporary for the console to recognize the Linux files, after installation, you can add files back) 2. Place the Infarams, BzImage, and Psxitarch files onto the root of the device. 3. On your 5.05 Ps4, go to your Settings>Network Settings> Internet connection Setup. Chose Ethernet or WiFi depending on what you use, and click Custom. Skip all steps until you reach DNS settings, and enter the following for the primary DNS and for the secondary enter (This is the creator Al Azif's payload DNS. From this DNS you will be able to launch your Linux Distro using your Ps4's Web browser) 4. (Optional) Open your Ps4s web browser and you will be prompted with Al Azif's Menu. The last option will be to cache the page. You can do this to save the Linux Loader to the ps4s default homepage to save you from having to enter the DNS every time. 5. Plug in your USB/HDD with the Infarams, BzImage, and Psxitarch files into your ps4 6. Open your web browser on the ps4, and open a separate tab from the Al Azif page and enter https://psxita.it/linux-loader 7. Some pop ups may appear, just click yes on them to continue 8. Wait for the payload to run, and when the page says Done, it will begin to boot the Linux installation process. 9. When the installation screen pops up, type in the following: exec install-psxitarch.sh (This is the install command for the Distro) 10. Wait about 30 minutes as the installation process happens 11. After it is complete, it will either boot into linux on its own, or if it does not enter the following: exec start-psxitarch.sh 12. Now you have successfully installed linux onto your ps4! Next, you want to click the drop down menu on the top left, and click Return to Orbis OS. (This is how you will exit linux and return to your base ps4 operating system. Doing this after the initial installation solidifies the Linux installation) 13. Now any time you wish to boot linux, insert the USB/HDD that you installed Linux on and click your web browser and the Al Azif menu will be shown. Click the 5.05 Button, and click Linux Payload VRAM3. (VRAM3 is the option that optimizes the ps4s hardware for smoother gaming) 14. Now that Linux is booted up again, click the drop down menu in the top left and open the safari browser 15. Go to pokemmo.com and download the WINDOWS version of pokemmo. (It is much easier to install as the program "Wine" is already preinstalled in Linux) 16. Right click the pokemmo file and install with Wine. NOW YOU CAN PLAY POKEMMO ON YOUR PS4!
  11. It works exactly as if was a PC, so chat is the same as PC version. Just connect a keyboard and its good to go
  12. So i found out a way to install Linux onto my ps4. As someone who no longer has a PC I've been stuck with only the mobile version of pokemmo. Is this against TOS in any way? I figure there isn't anything wrong with doing this, but i rather be safe and get an answer from a mod/dev before i go ahead and start playing on ps4 lol
  13. Completing OT Shiny Dex = Master Shiny rate is fair
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