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  1. Me want hat Me 4-18 record say no hat for u
  2. I would note the time you start the event and have them link you their catch so you can check their date/time caught and OT just to be safe. Always gonna be that guy who links a comp or GTL mon xD
  3. Have contestants play a game of "Red light green light" winner gets to 1v1 u in a togepi metronome battle for a prize. Have a group of ppl come to you, flash them a follower pokemon and they have to compete to go and catch that pokemon and bring it back to you as a follower. First to do so wins a prize. Or chance to 1v1 togepi metronome battle for prize lol. Um thats all i got for now. Curious to see what others say though
  4. We really need a shoe vanity option like we do shorts and other basic clothes in pokestores. They are already implimented in the game and i would imagine would be easy to add its own vanity. The fact that we would need to use a makeover ticket which costs over 1m pokedollars just to have our shoes match our current outfit seems strange. Please please please give us an option to buy differenr color shoes :'(
  5. My first shiny was lunatone on my story playthrough, almost killed it because it looks so similar until i saw the name. Luckily i caught it and here it sits in my PC for the past few years lol
  6. This is something i have wanted for years, unfortunately there is no shoe cosmetics. If you wish to change shoe color it will cost over a million pokedollars to use a ticket to change your base character clothes. This simple addition would really add to the customization aspect of character designs and is already a part of the game. Hopefully we can get shoes (and pants) in the pokemart one day like we have shorts, vests ect.
  7. Some very distinguished gentlemen here. Id like to join
  8. I believe some rich are manipulating rhe market. Sometimes pages of a vanity will get scooped and relisted at a higher price, these billionaires can afford to do so....and i believe the same goes for older vanities. For example, the Rudolph antlers has been around 20-30m for a while now (like atleast a year or more) and all of a sudden they are 80-100m. There arent many in circulation so it would be easy for a billionaire to scoop the last 5 or 10 at 20-30m and relist them slowly for 100m. Nothings really stopping them i guess. Its easy to make money thos way when u can afford to do so
  9. Im gonna guess #5 id allowed because i saw a handful of players using a bunch of alts to rank top 25 including a GM
  10. The simple and unfortunate truth is that the less viable and reasonable ways to grind for money there are, the more people buy RP to fill that void. Some players are buying RP by the stacks of 50. You didnt see that come up on GTL once when berry farming was in its prime, but now its a regular thing. I doubt they plan to cut their RP profits by making grinding easier when its been so successful this way.
  11. You stopped reading my post half way through apparently.
  12. Posting listings with the intention to rip someone off is vastly different than simply buying a snipe off the market. No one is going to pass up a good deal just because its cheap. I dont see how thats unethical, and i guerentee no one is looking at a snipe and saying "nah im not buying that it is too cheap and unethical to do so" lol. That is not a buyers fault, but the listers fault for not taking a few seconds to ask or search the value of an item. When someone is Intentionally trying to manipulate people like the 100RP/7 day donator scam, that is unethical. Im shocked to see
  13. You can get them from both presents but odds are very very slim
  14. I see no harm on having gtl as an option past 4th badge, anyone can choose not to use it and play the game in a more classic fashion if they choose, but considering this is an MMO GTL is a major part of the game that will never be removed
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