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  1. Value on knight helmet please? And Shiny weavile
  2. Glad to be apart of this moment, only joined the team for like 5minutes and already something special happen. Congrats bro, now its my turn to get a dope OT @Obvi.
  3. Lol xD the hat glitch i tho it only happen with sideswept hair
  4. Slide me the #87, much love. ~ Money has been situated ingame
  5. still waiting for your presence online so I can donate >:)
  6. Name: DrChansey Team Tag: N/A (Not in a team) Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Chansey Render (Optional): Up to you Theme Colors: Green & Pink Type of Artwork: Banner pls Animated?: Yes Donation: 121k Yen? :o Additional information: Have fun with it! :D Hmu with you IGN so I can send you donation:)
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