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  1. There it is! I realy hope you like it~
  2. Ta da~ i'm sorry it take so long but i finnaly finished! I really hope you like it ✦
  3. Hey~ I finally finished your drawing! I hope you like it~ @MknsZblex
  4. Ta da~ Is finished! I really hope you like it and enjoy it! @Goku
  5. Ok~ i'll do my best asap! Please be patient for it ^^ ✦
  6. Your moemon is finished! Really hope you like it <3 i really love milotic~
  7. I love milotic! Of course; i will do it when i have the time~
  8. Ta da~ I really hope you like it! it was very fun to do a diferent pokemon like Rampardos. I added the cloak rock detail to suit on the Rock Trainer, hope u like it~
  9. Thank you so much! i'm working on that right now, I promes you i will not disappoint you! If you want me to draw a pokemon with you, please let me know to draw it~
  10. ✦✦✦Moe Shop✦✦✦ ✦Welcome to the shop! I want to share my love for moemon and hope you enjoy my work!✦ ✦Rules for request✦ ✦Please provide the reference of the moemon or your sprite✦ ✦Age, pose and facial expression you want✦ ✦Please be patient, it cost me a little bit because i draw with mouse✦ ✦Pay after the moe is finished✦ ✦DM for more info✦ ✦Prices✦ ✦Moe Avatar: 100k✦ ✦Simple Moemon or trainer: 200k✦ ✦Moemon/Trainer + Pokemon: 250k✦ ✦Moemon + Trainer: 400k✦ ✦Each additional pokemon cost 50k✦ ✦Pixel Gif: 800k✦ ✦Here some Examples✦
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