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  2. I wanted a black custom theme with some red but not much and my name Flamander, with a charmander background to your style. I do not know if it's a lot to ask but in the same way I would like to give you a reward for that. Thank You.
  3. how much do you charge for making a special custom theme for me?
  4. [Español]



    Soy fans de tu creación el Pokemon Shuffler Icon MOD para PokeMMO. Solo tenia una pregunta, sabes si se puede hacer una actualización en el MOD para que se pueda ver los Pokemon Shiny?










    I am a fan of your creation the Pokemon Shuffler Icon MOD for PokeMMO. I just had a question, do you know if you can do an update in the MOD so that you can see the Shiny Pokemon?



    Thanks You


    1. RyuujiHit


      La verdad, es posible pero actualmente no cuento con los icons version shiny y hacer un recolor de los normales tomaría mucho tiempo y actualmente no dispongo del tiempo.

      Pero algún día q tenga el tiempo lo haré (pero lo veo lejano)


      The truth, it is possible but currently I do not have the icons shiny version and make a recolor of the normals would take a long time and currently I do not have the time.

      But some day I have the time I will (but I see it far away)

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