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  1. You can get it from the Pewter city pokemon center, talk to the scientist looking dude.
  2. Getting an error in Emerald whenever a Zubat is set to appear which crashes the emulation. here's the error: https://imgur.com/tTOODpp
  3. The only eevee evolution from later gens in the rom is Leafeon.
  4. It'll have something like a 1% spawn rate, it might also be worth going into routes 13 and 12 that part of the map is very annoying ebcause it all runs together.
  5. There's tonnes of gen 2 and gen 3 pokemon in the game, Ralts specifically (or at least Kirlia) is found on either route 15 or 14 (not 100% sure which as I can't remember what one I caught it on.)
  6. So are there any changelogs around so we can see what's been added or changed with the new version?
  7. You need to use either a sun stone or moon stone, you can buy them from the scientist in the cerulean poke mart
  8. Latios most likely hasn't been added yet so you can't get it.
  9. You need to use another program to patch the ROM. The one I used was called Lunar IPS.
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