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  1. Excellent service. Quick, Friendly, Awesome. Thank you for the ev training service on a Smeargle. WIll use again.
  2. vouch. 560 hours with not a single shiny. been shiny hunting for 5 days 10 hours a day with no luck atm. im well over 200k encounters in total with nothing. after this one i'll never go back.
  3. Hello, I have yet another suggestion that i think would be pretty cool. PokeMMO mounts, the ability to obtain certain pokemon that would work as a replacement for the bike. we could be flexing with our shiny mount pokemon and also make use of them at the same time! make it a feature that you unlock after beating elite 4 to not cause issues with the story and stuff. or make it a gift shop option. we could have pimp my ride mount meetings with our shiny weedles and race across the regions. we could crash our rhyhorns into each other and drift like mad people. force feed your ride speed ev vitamins to reach top speeds and spray paint your pokemon with flames. make police officer jenny chase you with her rapidash with blue lights and sirens attached while your pikachu uses extremespeed to get you away! it will be awesome! In all seriousness though. it would be really cool to be able to get a few mounts in the game. but i understand that it'd require a lot of work, hence why a limited selection of 5-10 would be enough.
  4. Ask for a battle before you activate the amulet coin, if he accepts, log out. activate amulet coin, then ask for battle again. you don't need to deal with cooldown if you dont win.
  5. afaik you cant plant berries in sinnoh yet
  6. every encounter is 1/30k without buffs the probability never changes. ive not gotten a shiny in 400 + hours with 100k + encounters, while some have gotten 2 shines 5 minutes after each other
  7. I would love to have the ability to create tabs for my hotkeys, basically allowing me to have multiple setups depending on the activity i'm doing. it would make things easier rather than having to switch items everytime. For example; having a fishing tab with all rods and other essentials, while another one is made for shiny hunting, containing berries and others stuff, region specific tabs, vanity tabs, etc.
  8. My in-game name for my main account is: Greetings My favourite pokemon is: Hard to say, but making pathetic pokemon into god slayers is sorta my thing. On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Flipping, the market is my biggest tool in making money. My playtime ingame is:in total 1000 + hours, on the current account: 450 hours I would like to join Team Läva because: I'm tired of joining crappy teams, i'm looking for the best. people with skill and honor. i'm looking for people that is able to communicate like humans and be mature and helpful. i had bad experiences with other teams that had troubles communicating in a humane way. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I concider myself a creative competitive player that doesn't follow the meta. I'm well versed in the PokeMMO economy and that's where i make most of my money. I'm a player that treats people like they treat me, obviously still following the rules. i'm a experienced competitive player with several thousand hours of competitive play on showdown and the 3ds games. i'm a old player that has been around since 2013, playing on and off. i'm helpful when possible, and very active. while i do not strive to be better than everyone else, i do still think i would fit in with highly experienced players to improve myself.
  9. this is brilliant. thank you!
  10. Is there a way to check wether or not a leader is ready to battle? i know there is a 18 hour cooldown, but assuming i forgot what time i did my rematch the day before, is it possible to check? the reason is that i don't want to pop a amulet coin just to see that my runs aren't ready yet. thank you.
  11. gen 1? obviously pikachu with earthquake
  12. I love how people takes the bait from a very obvious troll.
  13. So i'm not sure if people want this to be posted in trade corner since it's related to trading, please move it if so. Anyways, i was flipping and found a 2x31 paras for 7k and wanted to sell it for 35k, but typo'd it to 350k, literally 1 second later someone bought it. anyone else had something silly like this happen? someone must have misread the numbers, i tried to find the user but got no response. best flip ever ngl. Any other people that flips around here? Any suggestions for money making? I pretty much do my daily Gym runs and then flip.. if i'm really broke i go hunt dittos or fight in battle frontier. What do you guys like to do for money? estimated profit per hour? flipping so far has been working the best for me, profits varies from 300k-millions per hour depending on what people dump into gtl. though it gets very boring to do for long periods of time.
  14. For peoples information it should be noted that i fully paid for the service and let you keep the money aswell as the pokemon. You know the reason, but it's not important anymore.
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