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  1. why are u crying if you do the same? scum
  2. Some people have rivers in his eyes, there is no other way they cry that much
  3. 50 euros I win, I pay via paypal abstenerse tercermundistas
  4. 10m I win also taking every bet against me just tag me and there is a deal
  5. Why Hippowdon dropped? D Tier for Zoroark is fair
  6. good work Im sure it will be useful for those who struggle at teambuilding.
  7. Pon una traducción o vendrá el típico a decírtelo, en este caso yo. Remember to provide an english translation.
  8. You are in the wrong game, this is supposed to be a MMO so you have to play if you want all the stuff this game have
  9. conk base speed stat is 45
  10. Can you say when will it be avalaible? Or you don't know/can't say nothing?
  11. kiwi

    Draco Meteor

    That you say that I'm a kid does not make me one :) Greetings
  12. I asked about Draco Meteor, you linked me this post, and it says nothing about draco meteor. 10/10
  13. kiwi

    Draco Meteor

    I would lie saying you are helpful
  14. kiwi

    Draco Meteor

    I made this thread for all the people who want to know if it's going to be implemented or not (me first). This is the first forum where when you make a question people don't help you but they tell you to ask in other thread. 10/10 community
  15. kiwi

    Draco Meteor

    Well first of all, I only wanna know if it's gonna being implemented next week or not, what are u talking about? Second, who the fuck is Kyiwi? I'm Kiwi...
  16. I make this thread to ask if DM will be obtanaible next week
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