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  1. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/teambuilder
  2. facade ignores burn halving physical attack so a facade burned will hit like a truck
  3. You should get rid of krokodile, use hippowdon instead of it to handle conkeldurr and put rocks, so you can use power whip on ferrothorn instead of dual hazzards, knock is still an option to punish greedy conkel players and making magnezone job easier. Also change thunderbolt for ice beam on starmie to hit dragontypes such as hydreigon which is threatening for your team, and having zone and ferro for water types is enough.
  4. knock off instead of spikes on ferrothorn will help you to trap shed shell users like other ferro or skarmory, also punish conk on the switch and having 2 scarfers is not very good in general
  5. seems the op never played vanilla bw where you click outrage and you kill something, you know that outrage is not the only move thet learn right? imagine that your steel died and a scarf chomp or +1 dnite spams outrage to win. thats not funny
  6. yeah sure watch who lost more games in psl you talk a lot dont you? and sure clear advantadge, only cloyster 6-0 my team but yeah yeah sure ''clear advantadge''
  7. I did, why is it strange for you? youve been beated by the same guy 2 times https://gyazo.com/08b1d686ed7a31d799a216b611f8eeb7 gg nariz aplastada
  8. dont mention yourself pls
  9. https://gyazo.com/5487ae820ad6eae1148820d640b955f3 mkns just don't lose or we will kill you
  10. why are u crying if you do the same? scum
  11. Some people have rivers in his eyes, there is no other way they cry that much
  12. 50 euros I win, I pay via paypal abstenerse tercermundistas
  13. 10m I win also taking every bet against me just tag me and there is a deal
  14. Why Hippowdon dropped? D Tier for Zoroark is fair
  15. good work Im sure it will be useful for those who struggle at teambuilding.
  16. Pon una traducción o vendrá el típico a decírtelo, en este caso yo. Remember to provide an english translation.
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