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  1. voltturn cores should avoid pokemon that kill momentum like chansey or skarmory
  2. yeah sure watch who lost more games in psl you talk a lot dont you? and sure clear advantadge, only cloyster 6-0 my team but yeah yeah sure ''clear advantadge''
  3. I did, why is it strange for you? youve been beated by the same guy 2 times https://gyazo.com/08b1d686ed7a31d799a216b611f8eeb7 gg nariz aplastada
  4. dont mention yourself pls
  5. https://gyazo.com/5487ae820ad6eae1148820d640b955f3 mkns just don't lose or we will kill you
  6. why are u crying if you do the same? scum
  7. Some people have rivers in his eyes, there is no other way they cry that much
  8. 50 euros I win, I pay via paypal abstenerse tercermundistas
  9. 10m I win also taking every bet against me just tag me and there is a deal
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