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  1. IGN: kiwikidd Co-manager IGN: Pablobacas Series: Singles Timezone: gmt+1 both
  2. Team Name: No Rematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: Frags Axoa LifeStyle LeJovi Luke Lotus TTVZeknShooter yosoyarca Baneadito QuinnW tMoi NikhilR Zhiko kiwikidd Pablobacas xLaz BlueBreath xLuneth LKrenz abstractt Team Captain: LeJovi
  3. @gbweadim pretty sure there is a mistake with zigh's rooster
  4. Would be fun if I was the one who choosed that
  5. IGN: kiwikidd Tiers: OU UU I hope Zekn doesn't kick my ass this time
  6. Ban Garchomp Hydreigon is fine, and if Garchomp isnt in the meta it will be easier to prepare for it. Most of Garchomp checks give Hydreigon a free turn, and most of Hydre sets arent that good because of Chomp.
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