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  1. 10m I win also taking every bet against me just tag me and there is a deal
  2. Why Hippowdon dropped? D Tier for Zoroark is fair
  3. good work Im sure it will be useful for those who struggle at teambuilding.
  4. Pon una traducción o vendrá el típico a decírtelo, en este caso yo. Remember to provide an english translation.
  5. kiwikidd gmt +2 usum OU, OU I prefer to stay quiet than posting a screenshoot with 19 losses in low ladder.
  6. 0 Andrea died in Mexico last week of March
  7. Every player must play alone, without any help at any time of the duel (excepting calcs) . If player Y interferes in the development of the duel bringing information that player X may not know, player Y is interfering on the outcome of the duel so player X is no longer playing alone. We all know that 2 brains are better than one.
  8. You are in the wrong game, this is supposed to be a MMO so you have to play if you want all the stuff this game have
  9. conk base speed stat is 45
  10. Can you say when will it be avalaible? Or you don't know/can't say nothing?
  11. kiwi

    Draco Meteor

    That you say that I'm a kid does not make me one :) Greetings
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