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  1. Every player must play alone, without any help at any time of the duel (excepting calcs) . If player Y interferes in the development of the duel bringing information that player X may not know, player Y is interfering on the outcome of the duel so player X is no longer playing alone. We all know that 2 brains are better than one.
  2. It is a requeriment for hosting tours to make terrible decisions? Just asking
  3. GL in the finals Colombia, espero que no seais pechosfrios
  4. https://gyazo.com/d77d7ef61f140617baa4e1819e30c450 WP
  5. You are in the wrong game, this is supposed to be a MMO so you have to play if you want all the stuff this game have
  6. conk base speed stat is 45
  7. 3M I rape Necroskulldark @narutoseninvictor espero q la tomes
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