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  1. I agree. EXP share gives 50% and while the daycare gave 10% more it costs money to do so. It was fair. I feel like 20% is so low for the cost, it's practically daylight robbery. Either keep the 20% but make it free or change it back please.
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    The game only goes up to gen 5.
  3. I wish they were more transparent on why they made the change. Was it because it was ruining PvP? Or was it because someone posted a video of them clearing E4 in 20-ish minutes so they wanted to nerf it? I'm betting it was the latter. They could probably nerf Baton Pass if they added phazers in the E4 teams but that would mean more work than disabling it. Maybe once they're done with that they're going to make BP work properly again.
  4. Sinnoh came out a few hours ago.
  5. It's intended. It stops people from using 6 pokemons with Sweet Scent to farm.
  6. You can always run E4 without using Baton Pass. But yeah, this is a big hit for people that run E4 for money. However with the new Pokemons added we might find a new team that would work better, you never know.
  7. Maybe? I never tried. I know it also has a Shadow Ball but I think Metagross can survive a hit. What moves do you have on it? Because you might just get walled by a different pokemon.
  8. Your rival in Kanto has a team that uses Magic Guard Alakazam with a Focus Sash. Because of that you will take a hit. And since people like to use Conkeldurr (since it's pretty strong and good move coverage) it will die in one hit against an Alakazam. I guess you can use a pokemon that has a multi hit move or someone that can survive an Alakazam but I haven't touched a Baton Pass team in a while so I don't know what works and what doesn't.
  9. Yes, it is possible. I've been doing Kanto E4 for a while now. I believe Kanto is one of the harder ones since you can't use a Baton Pass team to sweep through it. Try doing Hoenn and Unova with a Baton Pass team instead. Someone posted their teams and even a video of them doing it. Also it is only 1v1, never 2v2 and more than 10 teams to choose from. I think I've encountered 22 Lorelei teams so far. Although you can always spot a pattern. If a team has a weather starter then they will always lead with that or if a pokemon uses a move you can usually figure out what other moves they have. I think I spend 15-20k on healing items. And yes, doing E4 isn't ideal for making money, you should just focus on gyms. I do them because it's fun. I would post what team I use but it's really not that good. It does take me a while to finish a run.
  10. You only have to go through the Digglet Cave twice or something in the story. If you're only complaining about that specific point in the story and a place you will never have to go back to once you're done, then yeah, they won't change it.
  11. The xmas event is the friends we made along the way.
  12. Impressive. I've also been playing around with Shedinja but I never can get it to work. I've never tried using it as a Baton Passer and mainly just used it as a pivot though, I might try it. However the main problem I have with Baton Pass team, especially yours, is a Magic Guard Alakazam with Focus Sash. It can KO your Conkeldurr and the only thing you have left would be Shedinja, which also gets KO'd by it. This could just be a Kanto thing though as I've never done Unova and Hoenn E4 extensively yet.
  13. Only 10k? That's impressive. What team are you using?
  14. No. If the pokedex only lists one ability then that Pokemon only has one ability.
  15. That post never said anything about hidden abilities. If a Pokemon has multiple abilities, that's not a hidden ability, you can buy an Ability Pill from the NPC that sells breeding items. They're 35k.
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