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  1. If the problem is players buying cheap shinies in the GTL and using them as raffle prizes, why not just say you can't raffle them out unless they have their OT?
  2. Log in using the client. There's really no reason to log in using the website. If you want to donate you do so in the game client.
  3. If you're not worried about the costs of healing items you can probably brute force your way with any hyper-offensive teams. But if you actually want to make money with the E4 then it becomes trickier. The best I got is a team that can beat Kanto easily and Unova but with some items used. I've also used the same team for Sinnoh and it worked but that was when the region first came out, I haven't done it at all recently so I'm just going to assume it doesn't work anymore. Hoenn just kills my team, especially the first E4 match. My team is Chansey, Skarmory, Ferrothorn, Chandelure, K
  4. I guess I'm one of the few that hated it. Mega Evolution was a dumb gimmick that forced everyone to have one on their team because they were just stupidly strong. I would have tolerated it if every single pokemon has a mega evolution but no. If the team I like using doesn't have mega evolution then I'm either forced to change it to keep up with the power creep or just become weaker if I don't. No thanks.
  5. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/123296-changelog-29072020/
  6. I think they should also delete some pokemons because only a few people uses them.
  7. Maybe they wanted players to spread their E4 runs in all the regions instead of just running one specific E4? Still, are you guys sure it wasn't in any of the patch notes? Kinda of a uguu move imo.
  8. Could be because you haven't beaten them 4 times to get them to level 100? Try to see if it's the same for Kanto.
  9. Don't know what's wrong with your client. Mine still lists it as 45 minutes.
  10. This was a team I used a year ago. It is not a 100% win rate or anything but I won more than I lost. Choice Band Heracross with Close Combat and Megahorn (the 85 acc does kinda suck and rely on RNG). Just those two moves will OHKO anything weak to it and at least put a serious dent in their HP for pokemons that don't resist it. Earthquake and Rock Slide for coverage. Leftovers Milotic with Scald, Toxic, Recover and Haze. I didn't use Haze that much at all actually but I still decided to bring it. I would always switch in Milotic against pokemons that are faster than Heracross mainly Psychi
  11. Are you talking about Extreme Speed? That's a BP only move for Dragonite which means you need to go to the BP tutor. The Battle Frontier in Hoenn has one.
  12. How the hell do people annoy you when all they're doing is spectating? Wow, just wow.
  13. This whole thing reminds me of kindergarten. Me and my friends were playing with toy cars and this one kid kept staring at us and copying us. We told the teacher he was annoying us and she told him to play in a different area of the classroom. Looking back at it now that I'm older it was such a dumb thing to do. The kid kid literally just saw me and my friends having fun and wanted to join in and we basically told him to stop. I mean, I was a kid so I didn't know any better. This is pretty much the same thing. But what's sad is that these people telling others to not join in on the f
  14. And like I said in my previous post, I'll move on, start over and make a new team rather than complain.
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