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  1. The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different hats.
  2. My team doesn't use Surf or Fly. If I remember right Cut is also a pretty important one since you need it to go to a gym.
  3. Tyrogue isn't found in the wild. You can only get one through breeding.
  4. No. Their reasoning was that to play the game people would need to root their phones which the devs don't want players to do.
  5. I've thought about this a lot before and I don't think they'll implement it. It's so easy to trick the AI with it. For example you can let your Zoroark transform to Gengar. Gengar is weak to psychic moves. If it's something against a pokemon that has a psychic move then the AI will keep using it and since Zoroark is immune to it it can set up things like Nasty Plot and Agility. While I like it since I can use it to cheese some E4 members I doubt they'll do it.
  6. Pick a pokemon. Research if it's good or not. Repeat till you have 6. Research if the team works well together. Find, make or buy the pokemons you picked. Try it out. If it fails then go back to the first step.
  7. The real Johto were the friends we made along the way.
  8. This is my team: Chansey (Bold, Eviolite) Stealth Rock Toxic Seismic Toss Softboiled (might change to Wish) Skarmory (Impish, Leftovers or Rocky Helmet) Spikes Whirlwind Protect Recover Chandelure (Modest, Choice Scarf) Flamethrower Shadow Ball Energy Ball Psychic Krookodile (Jolly, Choice Scarf) Earthquake Crunch Pursuit Superpower Ferrothorn (Relaxed, Leftovers) Spikes Leech Seed Protect Gyro Ball Salamence (Adamant, Leftovers) Dragon Claw Earthquake Crunch Dragon Dance Only thing I'm still iffy about is Salamence. Might switch it to a defensive set with Roost and shit. I average 5k in potions and around 50min to complete a run. On a good run I can finish with no potions being used and 40mins. This is all for Kanto E4 only.
  9. W-what? 15-20m shouldn't take long to make? I must be doing something wrong then.
  10. This isn't a good suggestion. All you've said was that the background is ugly. Why do you think it's ugly? Have you done anything on your end to make it look better, like mods? If mods don't exist have you tried making one yourself? If none of these work then how and what should they change it into. Is it worth the effort for them to change it? How are you so sure more people will play if they changed the background? I don't have a problem with it.
  11. If your goal is money and BP then you're better off doing something else. Gyms and rebattling trainers gives more money than E4 and PvP gives more BP. Even if you don't like PvP Battle Tower is loads better. If you really want to fight the E4 then there are two ways to go about it (at least from what I tested). A hyper offensive team that can beat the E4 in 30 minutes or a slow and bulky team that can beat it it 50 minutes. The first team uses a lot more potions which means less profit but faster and the second team is slower but uses less potions for more profit. I use a bulky team. When trying to make your own team you should pick one or two pokemons then build a team around them. As an example I'll talk about my team. Chansey and Skarmory are the core members of my team, without them my team falls apart. Chansey is a great SpDef wall while Skarmory is a good Def wall, they both compliment each other, at least in terms of stats. But what about type? Chansey is weak against fighting moves and Skarmory is weak against fire and electric moves. So my next pokemon should be something that's strong to those type. I picked Chandelure because it's immune to fighting moves and with Flash Fire it's also immune to fire moves. Now I just need to worry about electric type. I chose Krookodile because it's both immune to electric and psychic moves. I still have room for two more pokemons so I might as well make my team resist all types. The only type that's unresisted is water so I would want a pokemon with Water Absorb or Storm Drain or water, grass or dragon type to resist it. I used Ferrothorn. As my the last slot I had the option to make my team more defensive or use a fast and strong pokemon to OHKO the opposing team. I used Salamence because it has Intimidate and strong enough to OHKO things. This is where I tell you that you shouldn't just copy my team because you still need to know how to use it. That's why it's better to make your own team so you know what its weakness is. Don't expect to beat the E4 consistently on your first try. They have a huge pool of teams to choose from and you might encounter a team where you might not know what to do. It has taken me a long time to find a strategy that works for me and I'm still refining it as I go, and that's part of the fun.
  12. If you've been playing Pokemon for a long time then you should know about the Set and Switch option. PokeMMO uses Set, most likely because Switch makes the game too easy and doesn't really prepare you for PvP.
  13. Arceus is in the game but you do not need the item to get it. Most of the time Arceus is owned by another trainer already so if you want it you need to duel them and win. If no one owns Arceus then it's a wild spawn, I forget where though.
  14. You mention PvP a lot but how would it affect PvE?
  15. because legendary no
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