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  1. Another problem is that it takes too long to setup, too gimmicky. Sure you can use Focus Sash Ninjask and Smeargle to pass a +4 attack and speed but if you mess up then you just wasted two pokemon slots. Not to mention that it's expensive. That's two focus sash per battle + the potions you need to heel back to full. Then you also need to deal with your opponent's Focus Sash. You can bring a Stealth Rock Duggtrio to use it and use Memento to bring out Ninjask safely but again, it just adds more and more to your supply cost. Then there's also weather damage you need to deal with. Kanto E4 uses Tyranitar in some teams and it just makes passing +4 boosts that much harder when you don't have a focus sash on Ninjask and Smeargle. And one more thing, priority moves will also mess you up, if you're down to 1HP and plan to Baton Pass but they use a priority move, then what? A full on Baton Pass team is too gimmicky for my liking. Sure you can have only 1 Baton Passer like Gorebyss or ShellPass Smeargle in your team but I can also just use a Calm Mind Reuniclus or Quiver Dance Volcarona. So I'm gonna pass on a Baton Pass team.
  2. My problem with Baton Pass is that I always come into a situation where I need to switch out my pokemon and lose all the stat boosts. I prefer using a pretty balanced team that covers a lot of their weaknesses. It might be slower than other teams but it's cheap (using around 3-5 Revives and ~20 Super Potions) and consistent.
  3. I think all three are pretty hard. Because they all have a big pool of team to choose from some matches will be easier while others will be harder. And yes, the reward is the same for all regions.
  4. 66k with 2k BP without an amulet coin. 99k with 2k BP with an amulet coin. You do not need to activate the amulet coin on the first battle, only during the last.
  5. So, I don't know if you're still making this guide or not but I've also been keeping track of what teams the Kanto E4 uses too. And honestly, it seems like it chooses from a big pool. Comparing my list and yours on just Lorelei I only encountered 3 of the 12 teams you listed and the rest were completely different. Right now if I add my list and yours she has at least 20 teams to choose from. So yeah, just letting you know, I guess. If you still care or not.
  6. I think 25 battles is too much. Right now you can beat the 7 gyms in Kanto and 8 gyms in Hoenn in an hour with a good team with no mistakes. So 15 matches. Anything more would be a buff to the Amulet Coin, and lets be honest, the devs don't like buffing anything. 15 would be good enough because for people that can clear Kanto and Hoenn gyms in an hour nothing would change for them and for those that can't will see the change as a buff. Everyone wins.
  7. Only thing I hate about the new Amulet coin is the 1 hour timer. What if I don't want to be an efficiencynerd? I do gym runs while watching a movie or play another game while this runs in the background. It sucks that I have to be hyper focused in the game when the whole franchise is basically a slow-paced game because of its turn-based combat system. I they change it so instead of an hour it only works with 15 or 20 trainer rematches before using a new one then it would be so much better, for me at least.
  8. So @Aard what team do you use for E4? My old team has trouble with it now. My usual strategy was using Ninjask and Baton Pass to a sweeper but Focus Sash is a real pain. I could use a sacrificial pokemon with Spikes but I'm looking to see if I can do it with less revives.
  9. You mean this? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/76530-pokemmo-locations-at「unova」/
  10. I'm too lazy to post a picture so here's a link. https://old.reddit.com/r/pokemmo/comments/7llpqi/the_elite_four_is_bullshit/drnvz1u/
  11. Maybe it's to preserve the lore of Pokemon. I kinda agree with it since there was never more than one Mew or whatever in the Pokemon world. EDIT: Actually, reading about it some more there are some multiple legendaries in the anime.
  12. You're wrong though. What you're assuming is the game's AI is running after you've chosen a move which is just wrong.
  13. Some info for you. By the way, do you require proof for it because I don't really know how to go about it.
  14. From what I understand the pokemon needs to hold the item. So you would need to use Trick or something to transfer the held item then use False Swipe.
  15. Dragon Rage always hits 40 damage. Super Fang always deals 1/2 of their HP but is also a Normal type. If you just want to catch Ghost pokemons then I highly suggest getting a Smeargle with Odor Sleuth. Once Soak works properly, hopefully in the next update, you can replace Odor Sleuth with it. It changes the pokemon's type to water making False Swipe normal effective on it.
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