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  1. Have you seen where they sell pants somewhere in the game? I've only seen shorts
  2. So far I have only seen shorts but no pants. Can not put pants in a little shop in the game?
  3. I just got muted, for a supposed racism. The images speak for themselves. https://ibb.co/hOv8UU https://ibb.co/gbfxOp https://ibb.co/eL3v9U First: I'm not in the Chinese channel Second: we are joking Third: GM does not know what racism is. In the first image, someone comments that the Chinese are funny and that one put the name of Yoshi to his Flygon And I responded, "someone said Chinese?" And I put a Baltoy. Is that reason for being muted? PS: why do you put GM kids? Unable to have some sense
  4. I recently end to lvl up my combee. But I obtain honey after 5 or 7 battles each time. That is not the 50%, like in the original game So in pokemmo what is the real probabilitie
  5. Some points can't be used for the amount. You wanted donators, but you aren't trasparent.
  6. that same A guy hit me ALL, his attacks with percentage of effects. I burn with his Salamence with flamethrower twice and I paralyze myself with dragoaliento and my paralyzed pokemon does not attack anymore. I want his games reviewed, and see if he's a hacker. or you had an absurd luck
  7. I wanna know, if the damage of Hidden Power is 50 for the level, or 100 in case of fix by competition
  8. Hello there I was in a rush. And thinking... why the motorcycle don't appear in the battlescreen. Like the biker or cue ball. Perhaps another accesory extra for to buff the motorcycle for this appear in the battle screen. And whit the hair style of a biker mount on it. If not appear in the back like the cue ball. What do you thing, nice isn't PD: sorry for my poor english. I'm learning
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