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  1. Commentary over my game vs Elvessss in the exhibition 5v5. gg
  2. I commentate over my win vs Elvessss in the World Cup 4 Exhibition 5v5 tournament
  3. OU2: Archonn vs Silasdopave Saturday 4pm GMT = Saturday 11am CST
  4. Commentary over my loss vs iMat in World Cup 4 Week 4 OU 2
  5. Commentary over my win over Clayclover in World Cup 4 Week 2 OU
  6. me and clay scheduled in 10 mins, but hes not online so idk
  7. IGN: Archonn Country: USA Tiers: OU and NU Discord: Archon#3145
  8. My first video after almost a year... I talk about the team I used for 380 games for Season 4 OU Matchmaking in PokeMMO
  9. Thanks for the archeops! Spxter is back
  10. IGN: Archonn Reason: I want to learn and improve as a comp player and team builder Preferred Tiers: NU, OU Competitive accolades: Won an Eintstein (Bracket Link), have gotten 3rd at CC, do decently well at WC's and PSL's Discord contact: Archon#3145 Other random stuff: I have a YouTube channel with competitive commentaries where you can see my thought processes. Looking to make more videos during this season. Forum Thread.
  11. Look forward to more videos during the coming PSL season, whether I get drafted or not! Going to start doing NU videos as well.
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