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  1. Bulbasaur hasn't been on MMO and doesn't answer Discord @Umbramol
  2. I discuss stall teams vs balance/hyper offensive teams in the current OU meta in a game vs. BasaraTojo
  3. Team USA namechange NotArchon ---> Archonn
  4. I commentate over NikhilR vs BlueBreath along with xSparkie, ItsGray, and Titinn
  5. I commentate over my Week 1 World Cup Game and walk through my team
  6. Here is my first video which details one of my team builds. Hope you enjoy!
  7. I'll be posting competitive guides (mostly OU) on my YouTube channel in order to help newer players get into competitive, and to help myself learn, since teaching is one of the best ways to get better. I don't claim to be the best competitive player, but hopefully you can find some use in my videos. I'll be posting Team build videos, competitive commentaries, live commentaries, and any other things that I can think of. Every time I post a new video, I'll comment it on this thread, so feel free to follow this thread or subscribe to my channel. Also, feel free to leave any constructive criticism, ideas for videos, or team ideas you may have! Archon's YouTube Channel Feel free to message or mail me in game as well: Archonn Thanks!
  8. I think Gastrodon should be higher. It completely shuts down Rotom-Wash, which is one of the most prevalent mons in the tier, and can wall and kill other popular mons in the meta like Garchomp, Scizor, and Infernape among many others thanks to its access to recover and ice beam. Also its 4x weakness in grass is under-represented in OU, with Ferrothorn and Breloom, and sometimes Ludicolo and Rotom-Mow, being the only grass mons played. Also, what makes Bronzong viable enough in OU to be B-Rank?
  9. wait im pooped i thot he bet on hannahtaylor
  10. is threard ever gonna get fixed or what
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