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  1. IGN: NotArchon Time Zone (GMT format): Central Tiers: OU, NU Fluff: I've been improving maybe. Cheap pick up, could be good
  2. You can grind a mil doing gym runs with an amulet coin in probably half the time it would take to run hoenn when alt runs were fast. Alt runs would not be the most efficient source of income if they were completely reverted.
  3. Alt Runs used to be one of my favorite things to do in MMO. If I had a free weekend I could play through Kanto or Hoenn in about 5 or 6 hours. It was always fun to relive childhood memories and also have the added benefit of netting about 1 mil to spend on comps or whatever else I needed. Nowadays there's a level cap, a lot of items are untradeable, and battle animations are slow as shit. It makes playing through the regions not fun at all. I've heard the justification that "it gives the game a new challenge" or whatever, but I'm not buying it. Pokemon has never been a really difficult game. All you have to do is just grind levels. But now, instead of just having a couple Pokes dominate, you need to grind 6 to stand a chance against the gyms/e4 with the harsh level cap. Or conversely, you just use a bunch of cheese and hack your way to the end - neither one being enjoyable. Having a level cap just ostracizes players like me from playing the game the way I want to play. If someone wants to play through the game with 6 shitty mons, a level cap won't mean anything to them. And it's not like alt runs were super easy in the first place. In order to be efficient in grinding money, you needed to know where every item was, where every trainer worth fighting was, etc. You needed a speedrun-like route and laser-like precision. I understand that there is little to be done now about going fully back to actually enjoyable alt runs, but there can still be changes made. First, having a battle animations toggle for PVE would be great. It would make grinding a little more tolerable. Secondly, why did items have to become untradeable in the first place? Surely constricting new items' entry into the economy was more harmful for it than letting items be traded freely. Finally, I understand that the level cap will not go away now that its in place, but maybe there can be compromises made, like raising it or being able to toggle it. Now I just have this cognitive dissonance when I want to play through a Pokemon game. Why would I play an actual copy when I can play on MMO and grind money and items, and maybe find a shiny? However, playing through a region on MMO now sucks and is not a fun time. What a shame.
  4. lul this man thinks id pay him after he already scammed me once.
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