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  1. IGN: Archonn Reason: I want to learn and improve as a comp player and team builder Preferred Tiers: NU, OU Competitive accolades: Won an Eintstein (Bracket Link), have gotten 3rd at CC, do decently well at WC's and PSL's Discord contact: Archon#3145 Other random stuff: I have a YouTube channel with competitive commentaries where you can see my thought processes. Looking to make more videos during this season. Forum Thread.
  2. Look forward to more videos during the coming PSL season, whether I get drafted or not! Going to start doing NU videos as well.
  3. Archon


    I'll take hp grass houndoom for 515k Just sent money via mail
  4. Archon's Hide and Seek Extravaganza 1 (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Date: 26 September 2020 Time: 11am CST Location: Locations will vary across Hoenn and Kanto, Channel 3 only. We will start in Pastoria PC channel 3. Duration: 10 Rounds of Hide and Seek Rules: There will be 10 rounds of Hide and Seek, where I, Archonn will hide somewhere in either Kanto or Hoenn I will then give a hint to my location in team chat. The first person to find me and send a trade request will win and get a prize. All parti
  5. Bulbasaur hasn't been on MMO and doesn't answer Discord @Umbramol
  6. I discuss stall teams vs balance/hyper offensive teams in the current OU meta in a game vs. BasaraTojo
  7. Team USA namechange NotArchon ---> Archonn
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