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  1. Compared to the other regions, the camera is way too zoomed in. I can hardly tell where I'm going. Could you please zoom the camera out more?
  2. lul this man thinks id pay him after he already scammed me once.
  3. me and azzazz in fifteen mins
  4. Anyone know azzaz's discord tag? Need to contact him asap
  5. Posting for Butler: He scheduled a match for today, but Blue has been a no-show all day; no communication with manager; etc. Butler is busy this weekend, and will not be able to play past the scheduled date (today). If he doesn't play someone soon, whether it be Blue or Blue's sub, we will have to call for an activity win. @Blue
  6. https://gyazo.com/32700dc763edbed399baf317778bebbb He didn't bring a reun
  7. Me vs Necro in 30 minutes
  8. luke already got it, but he took it pre-edit. If he doesn't want it post-edit, it's yours
  9. I changed it to 100k before you posted https://gyazo.com/b5146b1963c493793269af0a3efc1dc7
  10. Krafty Krooks (0) Vs Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) OU: NotArchon vs Necroskulldark 100k
  11. Ik I'm one to talk, but watch out for these guys, they're trying to scam in PSL Just a friendly psa
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