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  1. Commentary over my win over Clayclover in World Cup 4 Week 2 OU
  2. me and clay scheduled in 10 mins, but hes not online so idk
  3. IGN: Archonn Country: USA Tiers: OU and NU Discord: Archon#3145
  4. My first video after almost a year... I talk about the team I used for 380 games for Season 4 OU Matchmaking in PokeMMO
  5. IGN: Archonn Reason: I want to learn and improve as a comp player and team builder Preferred Tiers: NU, OU Competitive accolades: Won an Eintstein (Bracket Link), have gotten 3rd at CC, do decently well at WC's and PSL's Discord contact: Archon#3145 Other random stuff: I have a YouTube channel with competitive commentaries where you can see my thought processes. Looking to make more videos during this season. Forum Thread.
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