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  1. Completely useless request, I remind you that this game is pokemon and not * Meetic *. I don't see where the problem lies if someone wants to help your spouse. It is rather jealousy so in the field of psychiatry, if you do not trust your spouse, question yourself. The purpose of an MMO is to interact with everyone. He will be missed more than we can talk to a certain class you call * as a couple *
  2. two brilliants at the same time, why not 6 at a time while we're at it. there are people who have been playing for 3 years or more and have had 0 shiny unnecessary suggestion
  3. This kind of dress and hair
  4. YumiJerza


    they can an exception for sylveon and put it pending from another type of the normal style for example
  5. YumiJerza


    Hello it would be nice to add the last form of Eevee (Sylveon) in pokemmo I think a lot of people would like to see her, in a provisional type
  6. hello could I have the name of the files for the tracks of sinnoh and unnova with id list
  7. Hello why not implement the mirage island in HOENN, I think adding it will do a plus in this region. For example, take the basic principle where the old man in Pacifidlog Town selects 1 pokemon among all the pokedex each day and makes the mirage island appear, To make the island appear, we will therefore have as a condition to speak to the person with the right pokemon in our team. So it's up to us to guess among all the Pokedex Obviously, each PokeMMO player will not have the same Pokemon otherwise it will be too easy. You can add very rare pokemons to the island that have rare item
  8. where is the moss and ice stone in hoeen plz he disappeared from the forest
  9. hello it was to know if the mirage island was established otherwise I will make a suggestion
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