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  1. a multitude of achievements would be ideal with regular updates
  2. obviously in this case it will be necessary for me a succession of qu├ęte difficult, we can choose only one shinu per person taking into account that they succeed I think this idea will probably not please everyone so a gem that will cost very expensive will be more to my taste it offers a new way of having a shiny because in my opinion wasting time in farmer for weeks a shiny that does not appear is a great waste of time and there is nothing fun in it
  3. hello I would like to know where is the section for a candidate as game master or moderator
  4. YumiJerza


    Adding high achievements in the game could from my point of view give new goals to achieve, compare his achievements with other players, reward .....
  5. Hello sorry for my English, I thought of an idea about the possible shinys that will be intergrating At first each player at a certain time of the game or a quest success has a free shiny of his choice, only once, in this proposal it can only be done once or in another proposal we implant a new object a gem that turns a pokemon into shiny which obviously will have a very high price. I propose these two ideas because as we know the% to have a shiny is really too little I think that my proposals will solve the problem because they offer a possibility
  6. I thought of a system that allows to fight as much as you want in their respective places, mas good in your idea it should put the% very very low capture of the genus 0.01% to avoid seeing all the time people get walk with legendary
  7. YumiJerza

    Sound effect

    Hello it would be nice to add the sounds in the game: -when surfing (music) -the noise when talking to a NPC (dialogue box) -the noise when you open the bag the pokedex ... -noises when choosing attacks -noises when meteo time rain..... sometimes it is the unions of many small element that make a game be more pleasant thanks for your understanding
  8. ok I take note I really want to support for the first suggestoin thanks
  9. Courtney cosmetic team magma girl hat https://www.google.fr/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_frFR772FR774&tbm=isch&q=courtney+team+magma&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjlqpfb6oDcAhUJShQKHXjgAlIQBQhzKAA&biw=1046&bih=522&dpr=1.25#imgrc=X7Nd4x-htDGowM:
  10. Hello I really like Pokemmo but I think the sound is a bit empty ... It would be nice if the sounds of the original games will be added as : -The rain/snow/sun/sand -Selecting Attack -speak with npc -surf sound -cs use-learn ct -use item In addition I know some blind people who will be interraired to play this game, but unfortunately without the sounds they can not play ... PS : by the way I take advantage it would be nice to add the outfit for girl team magma (courtnay) in cosmetic
  11. hello thank you for your answer and for additional information I take note
  12. Hello I would like to know how it works for the moving grass because according to the rumors they are not script This is relatively boring because some pokemon are only captured in these Thanks
  13. thanks for your answer in this case and sorry for the lost time
  14. it is for that from the beginning I explain that a system to face them when one wants several times will be well with a level to adapt
  15. yeah but in the game we can fight only once each arena
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