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  1. Seven stars restaurants is not fixed I cant fight everyday
  2. Hi when the sinnoh restaurant bug will be fixed plz
  3. thanks captain obvious
  4. yes but I would like fight again all trainers without exception (outside the pokenav)
  5. hello, would it be possible to make sure to fight again all the trainers of HOENN. The number of current trainers is limited
  6. great idea, I sincerely hope this is taken into consideration. You have my support
  7. A problem always has its solution and in this present case as I said if we die during a fight we are teleport as usual to the pokemon center without paying I repeat without paying. We can also provide free care for people with less than 1000 dollars, volunteer doctor. So there will be no blocking problem
  8. Hospitals are free xD It is true that doctors work without remuneration. Must stop crying for 5-500 pokedollar (depending on the number of badge)
  9. It is precisely for this reason that a fixed amount depending on the arena badges that you have could well do the trick. And no, potions don't save time, why pay for potions when you have theft capacity and the free pokemon center? Potions are only used in the league because we cannot heal our pokemon.
  10. In this case, at this time, you might as well leave this current system, obviously adding all the legendaries in their respective places.
  11. yes I couldn't find thanks for the information
  12. Hi the option to release pokemon is it provided by the developers?
  13. If as you say the system can be frustrating and not difficult. In this case we can make the pokemon center take a percentage of the money for example 0.05% -0.1% per pokemon to cure. Or simply for each arena badge obtained as well as the league the price will increase. Example First 5 dollar badge by pokemon Second 10 dollar badge by pokemon ... So I think the second best solution because it will be open to anyone who is a beginner or a pro. It is much too simple to go and heal every 30 seconds which makes potions useless outside of combat.
  14. Hello I think making the Pokemon centers pay will increase the difficulty of the game. That is to say that we will have to make better choices during fights (PP ...) For example charging 50 dollars per restored pokemon so players will take much more care of their pokemon and pay more attention. This will amplify the usefulness of the poitions at the same time.
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