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  1. yesss platnum without underground is not platnum !!
  2. When the rival challenged me in front of the arena of pastoria I lost and since I can not enter it any more. The rival tells me that the champion has gone to challenge another field champion off normally I'm supposed to redefine him to get to the arena I can not go further in the game
  3. First after doing the test version I can report you a lot of bugs, among them small and big. I will try not to repeat those who have already been told To begin with the big ones I could see many freezes whether in the forest of vestigion or other in the history... For minors here is a list : -televisions do not work when we talk to them -when fighting the commander march of the team galaxie in floraville the famous music of commander does not launch, instead a music of trainer some starts -the explorakit does not work or he has not been script yet (I want to make it clear that explorakit is essential, in my opinion, to obtain objects and plates; and fossils) -in the arena of unionpolis the trainers with the torches do not move -in the forest of vestigion when disconnects accompany chery this one at the reconnection disappears -many salesman in the stores do not sell anything -the competition hall in unionpolis same to explorakit -Bicycle has no music and change the speed of the bicycle -the sentences that the arena champions and the rival say when it's their last pokemon (example: this is my last resort) - Now for sugestion -in the old castle when fighting rotom and spiritomb if it kills it disappears forever and this is really embarrassing because if inadvertently a player kills him it can never again have it (I think that making sure to reciprocate rotom and spiritomb within a period of time will be interessant) -for pokemons (starters: Piplup. Chimchar.Turtwig.) We can not get them in any area which is really a pity -legendary music for rotom to remember that this is the only place to have it like in the real game -
  4. why not at least it diversifies and it's definitely more fun , there is also the mist
  5. yes but as you say in warm climates in general it rains often so logically it's supposed to rain a lot in hoenn
  6. if that's the case why I never see the rainy or sunny weather in city of hoenn
  7. greeting i think in pokemmo on the map something is missing. I think adding different weathers on the map would be a good idea. for example every 7 hours sunny rainy .... it will create diversity and change the players' strategy according to the zones
  8. a multitude of achievements would be ideal with regular updates
  9. obviously in this case it will be necessary for me a succession of quéte difficult, we can choose only one shinu per person taking into account that they succeed I think this idea will probably not please everyone so a gem that will cost very expensive will be more to my taste it offers a new way of having a shiny because in my opinion wasting time in farmer for weeks a shiny that does not appear is a great waste of time and there is nothing fun in it
  10. hello I would like to know where is the section for a candidate as game master or moderator
  11. YumiJerza


    Adding high achievements in the game could from my point of view give new goals to achieve, compare his achievements with other players, reward .....
  12. Hello sorry for my English, I thought of an idea about the possible shinys that will be intergrating At first each player at a certain time of the game or a quest success has a free shiny of his choice, only once, in this proposal it can only be done once or in another proposal we implant a new object a gem that turns a pokemon into shiny which obviously will have a very high price. I propose these two ideas because as we know the% to have a shiny is really too little I think that my proposals will solve the problem because they offer a possibility
  13. I thought of a system that allows to fight as much as you want in their respective places, mas good in your idea it should put the% very very low capture of the genus 0.01% to avoid seeing all the time people get walk with legendary
  14. YumiJerza

    Sound effect

    Hello it would be nice to add the sounds in the game: -when surfing (music) -the noise when talking to a NPC (dialogue box) -the noise when you open the bag the pokedex ... -noises when choosing attacks -noises when meteo time rain..... sometimes it is the unions of many small element that make a game be more pleasant thanks for your understanding
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