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  1. Perfect, thank you. Is there a way to view/dump the sprite collections from the latest patch for either version for speedy comparisons, or some google doc collection for each project (I believe I saw some links on other projects, but not one in the OP for this thread)? I'm guessing you need to use a tool like some of the ones posted earlier in the thread (such as 'Advanced Sprite Position Editor' from the first page) and check manually each one, but I figured I'd ask.
  2. I'm fairly new to this as well. I understand Mega is its own thing with gameplay changes, but what's the difference between Revival (This thread), and the one linked in the OP for Mega for gen 3 patches? This one: I loaded up both with a complete Pokedex save and some of the sprites are different. Sharpedo being the first one that comes to mind. "The Other Moemon Ports" thread version seems to match sprites from the Mega ROM (the one where she looks more like a cop, almost), while the download from this thread seemed to be an older one. Yet this thread is more active. Changelog on OP for this topic's last update is 9-11-2016 and from "The Other Moemon Ports" thread it seems the last update was April 21, 2018 Can someone fill me in?
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