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  1. Roxxass

    Monophobia #2

    Ferro is a nice pokemon for dubs
  2. Roxxass

    Boss's birthday :)

    happy very very happy happy birthday!!!!!!
  3. Roxxass


    Ok just message me here in forum or in my main png ign: Roxxass
  4. Roxxass


    Hoen, Im just after beat team aqua in museum
  5. Roxxass


    I can join you if you want cali :3 I have actually a png in the 3 gym
  6. Roxxass

    [PSL X] Strawhats

    Rest in peace bull, ty for all.
  7. Roxxass

    What's your best PokeMMO battle?

    If I find who recorded it, yes.
  8. Roxxass

    What's your best PokeMMO battle?

    Againist @FNTCZ, just today, I hope someone recorded it
  9. Roxxass

    Trick Room ban or rebalance

    I can give you a lot of tips for trick roommers teams, is very easy to stop them :3
  10. Roxxass

    Marriage System

    What? no no takens xp, thank you!! but We can be good friends like we already are.
  11. Roxxass

    Quick Wishlist

    Introduce doubles pvp please.
  12. Roxxass


    I already solve, thank you, I reset my password like 4 times, thank you :3
  13. Roxxass


    My lights were off by a thunder storm and I forgot my password, I already reset it buy When i try to log in say "You have entered your passaword incorrectly too many times. Pleas try again later" How much time I need to wait to enter again?
  14. Roxxass

    PokeMMO Community Combat

    Make a triple battle CC :DD
  15. Roxxass

    Roleplayers Needed

    Uh uh uh, I wanna join!!

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