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  1. sorry for failing early today in the TT I was wihtout internet since the morning
  2. Name: Roxxass Team: ------ Render/Character: Iron Maiden Jeanne and Glaceon Background (optional): Purple and silver <3 Donation - 200 k
  3. Hylian Shield for elf tunic!!! We already have our elf hat and elf tunic, we have our mask too but, we need to finish our Heroe Of time combo, Can you please soon add hylian shield as a back pack? <3
  4. He wanna talk about your best friend in the world, jesus.
  5. Wanna talk? mail me maybe~ 


  6. Hope enjoy your next journey without pokemon, wish you a lot of luck!!!
  7. First I think would introduce gen 4
  8. @calidubstep Lets take a pic like this post couples!!! <3
  9. happy very very happy happy birthday!!!!!!
  10. Ok just message me here in forum or in my main png ign: Roxxass
  11. Hoen, Im just after beat team aqua in museum
  12. I can join you if you want cali :3 I have actually a png in the 3 gym
  13. Againist @FNTCZ, just today, I hope someone recorded it
  14. I can give you a lot of tips for trick roommers teams, is very easy to stop them :3
  15. What? no no takens xp, thank you!! but We can be good friends like we already are.
  16. Roxxass

    Quick Wishlist

    Introduce doubles pvp please.
  17. I already solve, thank you, I reset my password like 4 times, thank you :3
  18. My lights were off by a thunder storm and I forgot my password, I already reset it buy When i try to log in say "You have entered your passaword incorrectly too many times. Pleas try again later" How much time I need to wait to enter again?
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