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  1. Why dont u host a new psl? I can help u finding donations and some other stuff .-.
  2. Like the 2 last weeks from the psl X :S What about 2021? owo
  3. I think is nice the union between players but Camilo already said the line up not gonna change. I think is time to schedule your matches or maybe not? I don't know but is nice at least watch this.
  4. I think Colombia only need that to play Lc anyway, is the job of the players schedule their matches. If colombia captain Enchanteur thinks about if its correct to wait. Is ok, just remember the deadline. Have a nice day :DD
  5. I think, anyway, the decision will taken in those days. I was lazy to change account between wc and personal (I forgot the password of this one). Talking like a player and not like a host, coach is allowed and need be 100% some memeber of colombia are coached and it's ok, is part of the game. We in Rest of Latin America tried that but we fail about it. Is like taking the stuff personal. The decision will be taken soon 100% maybe will be revoke, maybe stay is just about wait.
  6. the decision wasn't revoke yet, this is my personal profila, seems like u only have some atention so lets do this. The pressure about taking a decision over the hots is just a pursuit from u 'cause I done the call so means that is a personal problem, aw guys like you (attention uguu) need things like that, honestly I feel some pitty for you but welp.
  7. There is no problem about the people gets money, let me simplify what everybody said, You are abussing about something that suposse to not exist, thats all, is like happen in DMO 2 years ago now, try to investigate about that game, no complaiments againist rich guys or other things, You have a personal problem with the guys and girls Who are not agree with you, If you don't like the nerf to berrys 'cause U won't be able to make expensive other stuff well, Find another way to do money or just leave the game, have a nice night.
  8. Ok Due the results: Hazu owes me 250k I owes hazu 150k Butler owes me 300k 'cause Latin America won the week.
  9. Taking ande thinking about implement any of that things, thank you zebra.
  10. @DrButler 300k Rest of Latin America win
  11. Thank you, thats the predictions thread, soon the line ups.
  12. The pool prize is 122 millions, u think someone gonna lose with that pool? .-.
  13. The rules say that can't bet for ur lose in ur own match.
  14. Welcome to the World Cup bets and prediction thread, I decided to open this in case anyone wants to make any bets Links for all World stuff: Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE TAKING OR MAKING BETS How to Bet: When you are betting, provide the following info: 1. Your IGN 2. What match(es) and which player(s) you are betting on 3. What are you wagering Ex. IGN: Roxxass Wiriketchup vs. Zhiko 500k PS. I ask you guys to not pay your bets until the end of the week because its hard to keep track about which bets you paid for and which you didn't unless you only have one bet or it's like a spontaneous bet, it's just easier to pay at the end Week 1: Group A: Group B: Group C: Group D:
  15. We got 4 new announcements: The first country to be penalized in this World Cup will be Colombia B, as a good amount of participants didn't bother to communicate with each other they have been eliminated and the players who did commit to participating will be transferred around. Colombia B has been eliminated from the tournament, the bracket will be the same, the only change is every team that is supposed to face it will get a free win. Basque country has also been penalized and it has been changed to Spain B, the same thing as Colombia B but due to being part of Spanish territory, the Spanish team has transferred some players and has now been divided between Spain A and Spain B. The offending parties have been banned from the World Cup and future events hosted by the current hosts. The spreadsheet with the stats have been updated with that information. The deadline for the Week 1 formations will be Monday 21 22:00 ET.
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