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  1. Why dont u host a new psl? I can help u finding donations and some other stuff .-.
  2. Like the 2 last weeks from the psl X :S What about 2021? owo
  3. I think is nice the union between players but Camilo already said the line up not gonna change. I think is time to schedule your matches or maybe not? I don't know but is nice at least watch this.
  4. I think Colombia only need that to play Lc anyway, is the job of the players schedule their matches. If colombia captain Enchanteur thinks about if its correct to wait. Is ok, just remember the deadline. Have a nice day :DD
  5. I think, anyway, the decision will taken in those days. I was lazy to change account between wc and personal (I forgot the password of this one). Talking like a player and not like a host, coach is allowed and need be 100% some memeber of colombia are coached and it's ok, is part of the game. We in Rest of Latin America tried that but we fail about it. Is like taking the stuff personal. The decision will be taken soon 100% maybe will be revoke, maybe stay is just about wait.
  6. the decision wasn't revoke yet, this is my personal profila, seems like u only have some atention so lets do this. The pressure about taking a decision over the hots is just a pursuit from u 'cause I done the call so means that is a personal problem, aw guys like you (attention uguu) need things like that, honestly I feel some pitty for you but welp.
  7. Playing after mkns vs djinn duel.
  8. Seems like for argentina is unffair, 3 mexico guys quit the tournament at this week, anyway, Is not like we didn't talked with both captains and welp, is like some players dont talk to much with their captains, welp, just as and advise, nu match between mexico and argentina B will be played until tuesday.
  9. Is like argentina does not have the che correct comunication as team 'cause we already gave the solution for it and zhiko and isperea know it, anyway, shittalk is shittalk, dogs coming to say "wow" when something goes wrong and the thing we can do is just say "shut up and talk with ur captain" Is like is impossible to check the spreadsheet and things like that, anyway, have a nice week I think
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