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  1. Roxxass

    WorldCupMMO Week #5

    He already won the wc
  2. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Update, julian won :3
  3. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Playing after mkns vs djinn duel.
  4. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    I can't abuse the power of god.
  5. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Seems like for argentina is unffair, 3 mexico guys quit the tournament at this week, anyway, Is not like we didn't talked with both captains and welp, is like some players dont talk to much with their captains, welp, just as and advise, nu match between mexico and argentina B will be played until tuesday.
  6. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Is like argentina does not have the che correct comunication as team 'cause we already gave the solution for it and zhiko and isperea know it, anyway, shittalk is shittalk, dogs coming to say "wow" when something goes wrong and the thing we can do is just say "shut up and talk with ur captain" Is like is impossible to check the spreadsheet and things like that, anyway, have a nice week I think
  7. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    So you are coming here trying to throw some thrash 'cause we put yanstrix in the bracket againist sejuani when that match isn't played already and Argentina B captain didn't say anything 'cause we already talk about it, I think is better for u to talk with ur captain 'cause I think u have no information about it. Nice precedent as a player I think.
  8. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    So u are telling me that, u have the oficial spreadsheet and u prefeer an non updated thing? if is that ur problem im not gonna give u any solution? we already talked with both captains, mexico and argentina so please, before trying to put something not good try to get some information, good luck :D
  9. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Update of Lc match between china and chile MingKa won againist NoWall in lc
  10. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Let's try to give a good game show for everybody and have some fun, good luck tomorrow :D
  11. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    the hype is real.
  12. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Colombia A vs Rest of Latin America Doubles match: iJulianFNT vs Roxxass tomorrow sunday, we will announce it here 15 minutes before it.
  13. Roxxass

    can close please :]

    Wynaut ivs, ferroseed ivs, rhydon ivs and nature, keckleon ivs and nature, ursaring ivs nature and moveset, khangaskan ivs and nature plz :DD
  14. Roxxass

    Thank you

    There is no problem about the people gets money, let me simplify what everybody said, You are abussing about something that suposse to not exist, thats all, is like happen in DMO 2 years ago now, try to investigate about that game, no complaiments againist rich guys or other things, You have a personal problem with the guys and girls Who are not agree with you, If you don't like the nerf to berrys 'cause U won't be able to make expensive other stuff well, Find another way to do money or just leave the game, have a nice night.
  15. Roxxass

    World Cup week #4

    Seems like we gonna have another big battle, now we can finish it without worrying about the time.

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