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  1. (Sorry if this is already a thing) What is it you would like see customized/made?: I think it would be really cool if someone managed to change the towns, cities and other areas music with music from Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. How would you like to see it customized/made?: Just a simple music replacement mod, Pokemon Colosseum for Kanto and Gale of Darkness for Hoenn
  2. I think it would be really amazing if pokemmo added battle stances for your Trainer Sprite to the game. By battle stances i just mean the way your character poses right before you throw out your pokemon like in this picture: , this would probably only be able to be seen in a menu to change your pose/stance and in battle to other people but it would still be cool. Due to the tedious time it would take to make all clothing work with each stance maybe their could just be a few, maybe 1 available from beating any elite four, 1 from purchasing on the Gift shop, and 1 for winning some high tier tournament. Something that makes these highly coveted and cool to have.
  3. That's not what I'm saying it should be, I'm saying it should be something such as an interface app that basically just allows you to buy reward points. Additionally I don't have the money to be using my Credit Card, the $200 on my steam account has been there for almost a year now.
  4. I think it would be pretty amazing if something was added to either the Steam store, google play store, or the apple store that was basically just an app for pokemmo that allowed players to buy reward points via Steam Wallet Cash, Google play cash, etc. that is ALREADY ON THAT PLAYER'S ACCOUNT. The reason I'm suggesting this is because I have over $200 in my steam account, and roughly $20 on google play and nothing to spend it on, then again I'm sure at least a few other people would find this extremely useful and convenient as well. Additionally the app could even work as a Lite version of Pokemmo that players could use when they need to conserve battery life/do not have a reliable mobile device to run pokemmo, it could also allow players to view a menu where they can check the GTM for stuff to buy, sell pokemon, and other stuff that would fall under a utility category.
  5. I was just wondering if any staff member or anyone else knows whether or not players will be able to buy the reward points using the Google Play Store Currency (Google Play Wallet) or the the apple alternative for users that do use apple.
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